Vande Mataram

Vande Mataram

Elaborate melodrama, presented the problems of uneven development in terms of an emotional conflict...

Elaborate melodrama, presented the problems of uneven development in terms of an emotional conflict between and innocent feudal rural female and a worldly-wise capitalist urban male. Hero ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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intuciic (kr) wrote: fun, as all Jackie Chan movies

Kashfia F (it) wrote: Really liked it. Smart & funny!

Daniel P (fr) wrote: This movie was pure genius. The soundtrack was masterful John Brace deserved and Oscar for his performance, I really believed he was crazy. One thing we take away from this film is sometimes three times in an insane asylum is not enough and if these people are released don't do one of two thing. Play truth or dare with them for a dollar, and do not give them a mack 10. Not to spoil anything but I cried at the end of this movie Mike Strauber was so misunderstood the loss of his love was more than he could handle, he just needed someone to care. Brain rot scale 1-10 I give it a ten, historical masterpiece.

Marco S (de) wrote: Some good exclusive interviews, obviously on the light side though...

Huw G (mx) wrote: Great if you want to wring your hands in pity, but while the story arc is well managed, the plot itself is unremarkable and, apart from Samantha's, the characterisations are sometimes a bit clumsy and obvious, not really bringing anything new to the genre. The kid makes a reasonable job of his acting, but his part was a bit uneven, though certainly very good at times.

Dee N (es) wrote: Looks like it could be worse than The Smurfs

Jay B (es) wrote: Insanely well acted and wonderfully engaging. You will find yourself transported to this troubled time. It only looses points for its jumpy narrative that leaves you wanting more.

Grant S (au) wrote: Interesting movie, detailing the career of Albert Pierrepoint, Britain's last hangman, and one of their most prolific and famous. Quite grim at times, as you would expect with the subject matter.Great performance by Timothy Spall as Pierrepoint. Good support from Juliet Stevenson and Eddie Marsan.

Christopher H (br) wrote: A terrible excuse for a potentially interesting post-9/11 paranoia thriller that sadly reveals Krause to be a one-note actor, he is Angry Nate, Confused Nate or Blank Nate... I loved him in Six Feet Under, thank God, his acting worked there but here it is transparently woeful and bland.

Blake P (au) wrote: I like Angelina Jolie. Something about her (possibly her fiery eyes, her sensuous lips always slightly curved into a subtle smirk) diffuses with self-assured sexiness that makes her a leading lady who doesn't have to do much to convince us that she's a smart, sanguine toughie always sitting above everyone else. Even in meandering material like "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", we're enraptured by her magnificence, which luminously finds itself at new heights with the blazing personality that becomes her. A film like "Taking Lives" is the kind that Jolie does best: a thriller without much of a brain but seems to be better just because Jolie is there. In every heroine role she's ever had, she's appeared strong and courageous, gutsier than the men around her and more adroit than the doubters who pine against her. In hindsight, "Taking Lives" is the type of film most likely to be played during a "Lifetime" serial killer movie marathon special event - but like the majority of suspense movies that repeat on "Lifetime", there's a sort of compulsively watchable energy about "Taking Lives", not hugely ambitious but not dumb enough to make us feel bad about enjoying ourselves. It's throwaway, but at least we're having fun, right? In "Taking Lives", Jolie portrays Illeana Scott, an FBI agent brought into Montreal to help apprehend Martin Asher, a murderer who gets his kicks by stealing the identities of his victims after he grotesquely kills them. Scott is a profiler of the highest common denominator, with an unconventional skill set; her new co-workers have a hard time taking her seriously, an understatement considering she greets them for the first time lying with a smile in an open grave, later on showing that she best understands the people she's investigating by squatting in weird positions in the areas they committed their crime. But she's not faux spunky like an embittered Temperance Brennan. We are immediately taken with her. The killer's streak is hindered when James Costa (Ethan Hawke) is brought in for questioning. Costa, a local art dealer, happened to be at the right place at the right time and witnessed Asher partaking in one of his heinous crimes. Lucky for the detectives, he as a good eye and great artistic ability: he is able to draw a near perfect, detailed sketch of the murderer. Problems arise, though, when Scott, slipping out of her reserved knowingness, develops feelings for the witness. "Taking Lives" moves along as a good, maybe even great, serial killer movie until it abruptly reaches a twist ending either predictable or implausible - I'm not sure which adjective is a better descriptor. While you might be guessing who the murderer is way ahead of time, however, you won't have much of an idea how they're going to catch him, and since the climax of the movie is outrageously over-the-top (and one could say satisfying), the preposterousness not only is forgiven - it's also accepted as part of the insane plot, which threatens to fly off the rails but remains engaging against all odds. And anyway, you can't put down "Taking Lives" for being ludicrous while turning around and calling "Dressed to Kill" ludicrous but saying it's OK because it's stylish. No. No. The film has since become a forgotten fossil of the 2000s, but don't pass it off as an average blockbuster that never was. Jolie is as entrancing as ever, Hawke a plausible normal-guy-caught-in-a-bad-situation, Rowlands a shifty-eyed marvel as Asher's paranoid mother. "Taking Lives" is perhaps more fattening than I would like to admit, but I don't mind dumbfounding thriller fun, as long as I'm kept on my toes and the atmosphere's decent. Here, you've got everything. What more could you want?

Janetta B (kr) wrote: I LOVED THIS MOVIE...

Jessi L (mx) wrote: i don't think i'd call this a "good movie" exactly but i still enjoyed watching it

Art S (ru) wrote: Burt Lancaster is the sucker who gets done in less by the fickle finger of fate and more by his own uncontrollable and perverse need to maintain his love/hate relationship with Yvonne De Carlo. They used to be married but fought all the time. Now she's taken up with Dan Duryea so you know there's trouble. However, Lancaster isn't nearly dark enough a personality to suggest compulsion, weakness, and bad judgment. But Siodmak was a key figure in developing the noir genre and Criss Cross has all of the right elements (flashback, femme fatale, loser protagonist, gangsters, heist, bar, shadows, pessimistic ending). So, hey, it's worth watching and imagining Dana Andrews in the lead.

Larry C (ag) wrote: Rebecca Hall is very sexy and lovely. The story is a bit much.

Nick C (jp) wrote: A childhood favorite of mine

Michael V (fr) wrote: First rate adventure film with stellar performance by Yul Brynner and a majestic score by Franz Waxman.

Jeremy R (fr) wrote: Actually a pretty amusing little alien invasion flick.

Patricia C (nl) wrote: Walked out - it was soooo bad.