Mystery, murder and sex mix in this double-feature of gay short films. In "Vanilla," a San Francisco photographer (Ryan Allen) uncovers the Bay Side Strangler's dead body and starts having dreams in which the victims return. In the French "A Little Comfort," (tt0404165) pals Arnaud (Arthur Moncla) and Guillaume (Remi Bresson) explore their fantasies. Joseph Graham directs the tale about disturbing inspiration for art; D'Armand Lameloise directs the young gay men's coming of age story.

A young gay photographer finds the body of a serial killer and starts having dreams in which the mans victims return. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacky L (kr) wrote: ah bloody hell, a bleak one. just what we need. not bad (but over-extolled imho). wasn't that sold on roy and nimar's great love for each other (and in a short span of time too), but that's just me.

George F (ag) wrote: is well film, but storyline tends to go all over the place.

David J (es) wrote: Typical Herzogian goodness, gorgeous score, fascinating images.

Mohamed H S (jp) wrote: It's a movie where you can find both enjoyment and information about a lot of subjects , I liked the acting even though keira was overacting in some certain scenes but with all other things "very good " movie would be a fair description for it

Mira B (br) wrote: awesome!!!..niel may be the future aamir khan!!

Luke K (jp) wrote: Widely considered Tarantino's worst film, Death Proof is a gritty old-school throwback to 70s exploitation cinema, and I think it's a misunderstood gem.The film stars Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike (a madman who stalks young women with his car and kills them), as well as an ensemble of women including Vanessa Ferlito, Zoe Bell and Rosario Dawson. I think the reason people don't like this movie is because it's so different from anything Tarantino had made, and people didn't really know what to make of it. Released as a special Grindhouse double feature in collaboration with Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, Death Proof is a B movie in ever sense of the word - resurfacing tropes of this subgenre and capturing that darkly fun cult spirit and aesthetic. Everything from the unrefined construction of the film image (the film was physically scratched onto, rather than using a digital filter), to the opening trailers, to the 'missing' sections of the film reel. It's all super cool and so fun to watch.Also, the film itself is exactly what one would imagine from a Tarantino-directed B-movie. It's cartoonish and over-the-top, but still so beautifully shot with that rich style and touch. The choreography of the driving too - specifically that final chase - was absolutely incredible, with some amazing stuntwork, especially from Tarantino veteran/stuntwoman-turned-actress Zoe Bell, who really got to shine at the forefront for once. The actors also had such a natural and smooth chemistry, surprisingly grounded for such a film. And maybe the dialogue wasn't as great as one would hope from Tarantino, but there were moments, and the film as a whole was just so entertaining. I can't see how anyone could deny that.Death Proof is clearly Tarantino's passion project. He didn't care if it was completely different to what his fans were used to; he made it because these were the kinds of films he loved, and because he wanted to. The product was a truly unique B-movie romp with moments of that classic Tarantino wit and style - an underrated homage to a cinematic era that barely exists anymore.

Andrew S (mx) wrote: Modern urban life, disconnectedness, pretty city scapes, Hsiao-Hsien paying tribute to Ozu - I enjoyed it.

Samantha H (mx) wrote: No where neat as good as the first...

Gbor B (ru) wrote: girls just wanna have fun

Asperge L (it) wrote: Intimate ties between horse and human. Two share their passion for the animal. Both are legend.

Darci M (nl) wrote: My favorite movie of all time! It shows how important friendship is to others. That no matter how different you are, or how much time has past that friendship will help you through the hard and the happy times. Bette Milder does an amazing job in this film and the songs she sings in the film are so beautiful! This movie will touch some any hearts!

Jason J (kr) wrote: A nasty Japanese horror movie which at first is a slasher movie before changing into something completely different near the end. A psycho sets a bunch of deadly traps in an old abandoned military base for a TV news reporter and her crew who foolishly go there after he sends her a video of a woman being brutally killed. I quite liked the slasher aspect of the movie but when the mutant foetus makes its appearance I was like WTF is this! For those that like their horror give this a go but be prepared for the strange ending.

Nicole O (mx) wrote: Not exactly the greatest movie of all time but was the beginning of all the Romeo and Juliet remakes out there. Makes for beautiful and uplifting Celtic scenery in the 9th Century. Kate Mulgrew was awesome. A tad dramatic in some places but very well done.

Tor H (jp) wrote: Allegori over livet i form av en slags sirkusforestilling. Gjeeesp!

Katie S (ag) wrote: This was a great movie! I love it! Brooke Shields was hilarous and the wolf howl every time her name was said... lol!

Alex S (au) wrote: Very entertaining action packed gangster film from the 70's. Fred Williamson is one of the best actors of the Blaxploitation era.