Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn

Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn

Little Anna wants to watch her five favorite films with Laban the Little Ghost and his friends. But Tall Uncle is scared of ghosts.

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Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn torrent reviews

dan b (mx) wrote: A decent late show regular that's most watchable in it's MST3K form

carolina V (es) wrote: how do i watch this movie where do i click ???? help me

Michael P (es) wrote: I.CAN'T.WAIT.FOR.THIS.FILM!!

Matt B (ca) wrote: A masterpiece! Munich is certainly one of Steven Spielberg's most underrated movies. At close to 3 hours, there's never a dull moment in it. The movie is thrilling and raises questions of morality and violence. Like he did in Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan, Spielberg is a master of depicting war and terror. One of the my favorites of the year.

Steve D (de) wrote: Hasselhoff is a surprisingly effective Fury. The film is campy in the extreme but it seems to know it. A lot of fun if you don't want to take your heroes seriously.

Vimal M (es) wrote: Excellent movie made, also has the last ever songs composed by RD Burman.

Wesley W (it) wrote: Surprisingly an underwhelming movie this time around. I thought it had bland acting, one dimensional characters that I did not care about, and not very good dialogue at times. I think the movie focused more on it's special effects than anything else. The first 20 minutes was uninteresting and was just full of conversations that didn't move anything along and there was no character development. Besides Rick Moranis who was just OK here, the casting of the kids was mediocre and I don't think any of them had any acting experience at the time. The emotion behind everything was really lacking and if the writers and director worked on making you care about the characters, then this would have been a much better film. In a film film where people are facing really dangerous situations, you want to be able to care if the kids survive and if you don't end up caring about a single person on screen, then it really hurts the movie a lot. Flaws aside, this wasn't quite a bad film and it had some good things in it. The special effects are great for it's time, the sets looked good and at times you did feel like you were there experiencing what was going on and it provided for some entertaining moments. If only the movie itself had a real heart to it to go along with it's effects, then it would have been a great movie instead of just an OK one.

Drew H (it) wrote: Formula stuff by now, but when it ain't broke....

Marcus W (us) wrote: A little bit of Crank and a huge smattering of Jackie Chan, mixed with dollops of Rush Hour.Dacacscoscscos gets into fights, wins, and then the building they were fighting in explodes. Repeat until the end.