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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2013
  • Language:Kannada
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Varadanayaka torrent reviews

mohommed a (gb) wrote: I want to watch it but it is not working

Resham C (es) wrote: is the movie good i booked my ticket tomorrow i hope its a good movie i went to see the movie its horrible movie there is no story. i feel jannat 1 is very good movie good

Johan v (gb) wrote: Lawrence of Arabia maar dan van de 21e eeuw. Geen slechte film waarin de strijd tussen vasthouden aan wat is geweest en de vooruitgang centraal staat. Veel zand, pak er een glaasje water bij...

Elliot P (br) wrote: Just so average. Very disappointing considering the first film.

Mike M (br) wrote: The director has banished romcom destiny - that force that these days leaves us knowing exactly who's going to pair up with whom going in - in favour of training his camera on two ingrained loners whose happiness is far less assured. The forces pushing these characters together are only, you feel, equal to those keeping them apart... The result is a film that's a good deal more unpredictable than the average screen romance, which perhaps explains the vast number of mishaps the couple have to endure: fridges on the blink, engines cutting out, etc. For all its dreamy trappings, for all the old woman in the framing story insists this *is* just a story, "Blue Eyelids" has the feel of having been lived through rather than concocted or calculated: it's finally a vivid, heady experience.

Brian P (es) wrote: Wow!! What the hell did I just watch !! Lol!

monsieur r (fr) wrote: Very lame humor low budget comedy made expressly for teens wanting to see their teen idols, namely Avalon and Funicello. Adults, if there were any, had comedian Robert Cummings as a social scientist documenting the courting habits of the time. Cummings was an adult fan favorite at the time. This one is a period piece, a slice in time of the early sixties, which actually never happened to the extent the movie would want us to believe. Crazy plots, stupid jokes, silly skits made up 5 of these very popular movies. Usually refered to as Beach "classics", and I use the term very loosely. Not in the least serious comedy, no one cared. All parents wanted were "safe" movies for thier hormone filled kids to see, and the studios kept their teen stars as free from scandal as can be. Frankie Avalon was the "safe" alternative to Elvis, Annette F. another "safe" celebrity of the ex-Mouseketter lead in the kids tv show. Director William Asher had the usual formula plot to work with, light comedy, light romance, light crime and a 40 watt script. However, these are still great time capsules for the retro cloths, sunglasses, beach wear and culture... Surf's up! Cast Frankie Avalon (lead actor and boyfriend of Annette) Annette Funicello (lead actress and girlfriend of Avalon) Bob Cummings (the scientist) Harvey Lembeck (Eric Von Zipper, gang leader) Dorothy Malone (the secretary to the scientist) Eva Six John Ashley Morey Amsterdam Candy Johnson Jody McCrea Vincent Price (cameo appearance) Crew Director: William Asher Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff Composer: Les Baxter Producer: Lou Rusoff Screenplay: Lou Rusoff Producer: James Nicholson

John R (mx) wrote: 140926: Western tragedy. Outside of Katy Jurado, I enjoyed this film.

Anton H (gb) wrote: This one has the potential to be WAY better than it looks, I think...

Jim S (es) wrote: Not even worthy as a TV movie, which it's not.