Varan the Unbelievable

Varan the Unbelievable

In an effort to find an economic means of purifying salt water, a joint U.S.-Japanese military command is set up on an isolated Japanese island where an unusual salt water lake is situated. However, their purifying experiments arouse the prehistoric monster Obaki from hibernation at the lake's bottom, and it proceeds to attack Japan.

In an effort to find an economic means of purifying salt water, a joint U.S.-Japanese military command is set up on an isolated Japanese island where an unusual salt water lake is situated.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sarah S (ca) wrote: it won't let me watch the film

steve j (it) wrote: if Leo is in it must be good

Derek B (es) wrote: Brilliantly acted psychological thriller which may be about a dangerously out-of-control "threat to society" or more straightforwardly a portrait of a man broken by a tragedy which he vainly tries to undo. Or possibly both - which is kind of the point, I think. I've seen this twice and found it very rewarding both times, and the strength of the story is that I still don't really know which interpretation of the central character is the "correct" one. Thoroughly recommend this.

Steven W (kr) wrote: Watch the TV series and then come back for the movie. FOX lost a cash cow cancelling this show. The film still leaves us wanting to see more of the Firefly crew.

Brett C (gb) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Infernal Affairs is the story of two individuals, one a mole for the Chinese triad and one an informant placed in the Chinese police force, trying to expose each other.I found Infernal Affairs plot to be highly engaging but sadly a little thin in its characterisation. Throughout the entire film, I kept thinking how each one would expose each other and whether or not they are able to keep themselves under the shade as both the leaders of these two groups are pressing hard on their tail, but I felt the film had all of that tension put on Chen Wing Yan (Tony) instead of Inspector Lau Kin Ming and it bothered me a little as the internal tension felt too one-sided. But in saying this, I still feel that the film held its ground, delivering a story with twists and turns that were unexpected; I am not letting my pre-conceived knowledge of The Departed affect my opinion of the film.The film also featured interesting characters and was used to effectively to explore a tale about morality and identity. These ideas are concealed during the early stages of the film, in order to have the audience's perception of the characters be established, then as the film progresses it starts to reveal itself slowly as we learn more and more of the characters. What was great about this was the film's ability to deliver this deep characterisation and not letting it get in the way of the film's superficial thrills. It is only during the film's conclusion where we realise that we have actually gained a sense of connection with the characters and that they weren't simply plot drivers; these characters also came to life through the strong efforts from the actors as they captured their roles well and showing faith to the film's writing rather than trying too hard in delivering a "deep" performance. Though I praise the film's writing of these characters, I did have some issues and it mostly concerns with the relationships that these characters had; the inspector and his wife, the mole and the psychiatrist and Superintendent. These relationships felt a little too hollow and were executed in such a mediocre and forced way that it almost took me out of immersion. These issues could have been resolved with a bit more detail in the writing and spending more time around the characters rather than be too plot focused.The film's cinematography was a hit and miss for me, there were moments where the film felt stylishly dynamic and other times the film felt melodramatic and dated; those slow motion segments and black and white flashbacks. I adored the films gritty and raw look, which I felt was a little lost in Scorsese's The Departed, it drew me in to the nature of these two men's profession and also the atmosphere of Hong Kong.Infernal Affairs is a strong thriller that should still be watched even if one has already seen The Departed.

Wilson S (ca) wrote: great nostalgia sci fi... seems like there's a lot too it

Harsh C (kr) wrote: Silly, slow and repetitive plot, bad acting, bad hair. Not much going for it at all except the ridiculous fight scene which nearly earned it an extra half star but nah.

RJohn X (kr) wrote: Finally, Satan gets some good minions. Plus TOM SELLECK!

Michael W (it) wrote: It's sleazy in the classiest way possible. Buuel explores a woman's repressed fantasies with his signature, dream-like style.

w k (it) wrote: Great family movie. sad parts that have a happy ending!

Paul C (gb) wrote: The first of the 'Carry On' films to be filmed in colour, but still lacking some of the regular cast. One of the middling entries in the series for me - but still chock-full of classic scenes - expecially love the 'Anniversary Cake' and the little old woman playing Ping Pong - its a pity Esma Cannon wasnt in more of them.

Augustine H (br) wrote: A hilarious and enjoyable Indian adventure, even it's made more than 75 years ago.

Graceann M (ca) wrote: Miriam Hopkins is beyond naughty in this adaptation of Vanity Fair. The writing is tight and very funny, and Rouben Mamoulian's direction is beyond compare. This is the first three-strip technicolor feature film released in the United States, and Mamoulian freely explored the sumptuous colours. He did not spare the performances and story in order to give our eyes a treat, however, and this film is a gem from beginning to end.

Marcus B (br) wrote: worst remake ever !!!! This should have never been called leprechaun.

Janice C (us) wrote: Most critics rip apart the movie. I discovered the movie is thought provoking, and the acting superb. It is a winding plot, and a close examination of interpersonal relationships in ever growing desensitized society. The film's conclusion is dark, however if one contemplates beyond the surface of the twisted plot, we witness a tortuous reality; which relays as to why the story does not relate well to some audiences. There's an absence of exciting action, however the movie brings a generous, probing, intellectual meaning. Heads up for those who enjoy romatic movies and happy endings, this choice is probably not a wise one.