Vares: Private Eye

Vares: Private Eye

Vares, a film noir comedy from Finland, is yet another twist on PULP FICTION. And, just in case we miss the similarities of splattered blood mixed with outrageous incidents, the movie explicitly references PULP FICTION and has a comedic scene in which two guys argue about McDonald's hamburgers. Still, VARES - PRIVATE EYE, by director Aleksi Mäkelä, manages to be kind of fun even not especially original. The script has more characters than the screenwriter can handle, leaving the audience frequently confused about who is doing what and why. The two best scenes are one about a wacky wedding and another about a guy who answers a cell phone call while he is busy enjoying the pleasures of a sex parlor.

On the trail of a woman, Vares finds himself caught up with underworld characters who are on the trail of hidden millions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate T (au) wrote: Well done boxing film. It's by the numbers but it hits in all the right places (no pun intended).

Joules L (us) wrote: It was a little depressing however interesting

Jonathan G (it) wrote: Consider the original '300' film, take away the director- make him a producer. Keep it polished, full of action, tons of bloodshed, and the speed ramping slow-motion that made the first one famous. Take away personality, creativity, acting ability, and make it more about bumper boats than head to head battles. Now you have 'Rise of an Empire'. I do give them credit for being able to make a sequel (prequel?, or simultaneous-quel? ) that was uniquely from a different perspective in story telling. The story also kept its graphic novel-esque shot angles and feel. So kudos for that. Otherwise, it's a sinking ship. Rating: 6 / 10

Lisa R (us) wrote: This movie has soo much goin on within it that it really had me goin.I gave this movie such a high rating (besides the soft porn makin it even more real) because falling in love is a big deal. It was easy for Leila just fucking people and always having control over who desired her. It was just sex with the other guys an she chose who she wanted to be with but with David she lost control which made it even harder for her... she didnt know how to love only to desire and that made what they had even more addictive... the high was there she got high off the love makin.Besides trying to cope with her parents selling the house and separating and dealin with that it also took its toll on her and in the end he admitted he knew nothin about her because she kept her problems to herself. The parents were living together but her mother got lonely being in the relationship with the father... after all their time together he was the one who got stagnant when usually its the woman who just peaks and the relationship goes flatI am soo getting this book... a really great movie... if people go beyond the nakedness they will see how great and realistic this movie really is.

Brett B (br) wrote: Very good movie about the struggles of making an all black cast movie with a mixed race film crew backed partially by Bill Cosby. This film led to blaxploitation movies that were prevelant in the 70's. Not quite a documentary, but still was supposed to show some of the behind the scenes of what occurred.

Rodney G (es) wrote: I watched this on a free online site. One of the best movies I've seen fo some time. A true story of 300 Jews who escaped from an extermination camp in Poland during WW2. The characters are interesting and believable/great character development. Alin Arkin is remarkable with his understated acting, compassionate humanity. Rutger Hauer is a question mark of course. Fast paced and full of humanity, full of action. In the end a great consolation as many escape into the forest and are alive today. I'm almost glad I got tonsillitis or I would have missed it!

The Critic (de) wrote: Capitalising on the popularity of the adorable creatures from 'Return of the Jedi' (1983), the Ewoks are given their own outing. Whilst nowhere near the quality of any of the 'Star Wars' flicks, this is a pleasing adventure nonetheless, with two likable child leads and a supporting cast in fury costumes. The sets are very well done and the special effects more-often-than-not convince (the giant spider sequence has some ludicrous moments), so this should find favour amongst its young target audience. It was followed by 'Ewoks: The Battle for Endor' in 1985.

Igor (it) wrote: A mi me gustan las magdalenas, el cementerio, las bolsas de plstico y el dinero.

Matthew S (es) wrote: Robert Altman's surreal film is one of the most haunting films of all time. This study of identity, isolation, loneliness and sexuality is pure cinematic magic. Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek are pitch-perfect. If you've not seen it, prepare yourself for a film completely unique and oddly disturbing.

Ben S (mx) wrote: Simon Ward makes for a terrific Churchill, but the script is disjointed, which is made worse by a horrendous overruse of voiceover narration.

Armando P (it) wrote: Wow, one of the best early 00's movies out there. Gyllenhaal, as always, nails it. Is this guy ever going to win anything? Come on.

Ron Z (us) wrote: It appears to not show any form of movie message, which all movies should show - all it shows is a sequence of inappropriate acts without anywhere near showing what sort of message to send to the audience.

Riitta K (kr) wrote: Weird. Really weird but it was good in a different way.

sheila s (mx) wrote: A great film to watch.