Varesesaare venelased

Varesesaare venelased


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On the Eastern border of the European Union, on the River Narva, separating Estonia and Russia, lies Crow Island. The Krenholm Manufacturing Company founded on that island in 1856 was closed down for good in 2010. There is not a single family in Narva that has not been affected by the bankruptcy of the textile factory. Unemployed men, homeless children, street beggars, drug addicts, thieves—these are the people that live in this Russian-speaking Estonian town. It is like a bad dream. Where can they find salvation? Soviet nostalgia dies hard in this town, as does rage caused by wasted lives. How can they build new lives from these ruins? Is it possible to do the impossible? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy S (ca) wrote: Bwaaahaha.. Michael Moore bashing is such fun!! It was amazing just how many times the Michael Moore character was beaten up, stepped on, had stuff thrown at him. It was damn funny and satisfying. Sadly, the movie itself is pretty damn awful. Lame jokes, weak production values, bad acting.... yea...not good. So while laughing and enjoying the spanking at the expense of Liberals everywhere I still had to hold my nose.

Simon M (it) wrote: have seen much better shorts (even of semi-professional filmmakers) than these. i only watched it cause of the great cast, but i was highly dissapointed. one star only for the story at the end with james gandolfini which i found is quite a good concept for a shortmovie.

Jared C (ag) wrote: I haven't seen many Zellwegger films for a while, so i took a look at this. Once again Zellwegger is a lovely woman playing someone trapped in a loveless marriage to a pitifull car salesman, works as a waitress and her only passion is watching a daytime soap opera 'A Reason to Love' Rene plays Bette so well that she can be insufferable at the same time while otherwise you feel for her. Not as much as you feel for Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock who are assassins sent to chase this woman down and find out what her husband was into. A confusing and startling comedy mixed thriller with a dark side to it and lots of swearing.

Nate T (gb) wrote: Classic. Should be on Blu-ray.

Levonne P (it) wrote: A great story about the Native American legend of the old west. A must see!

Wind S (jp) wrote: Bob sure likes these depressing movies!

Melanie R (kr) wrote: Hillarious, over the top tribute to Hitchcock. Couldn't stop watching

Matthew A (br) wrote: One of my all time favorites

Cain L (br) wrote: Dumb, bizarrely edited, and mild action scenes. It's a film don't dare waste your time seeing.

Claudette A (ru) wrote: I didn't think this genre fits Meryl Streep acting ability.