Varg Veum - Bitre blomster

Varg Veum - Bitre blomster

A successful female politician hires private-detective Varg Veum. She wants him to find her disappeared daughter without attracting too much attention. During his investigation Veum becomes...

A successful female politician hires private-detective Varg Veum. She wants him to find her disappeared daughter without attracting too much attention. During his investigation Veum becomes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rachel G (jp) wrote: Introduced to a generation just short of Pac-Man?s rise to fame, ?Wreck It Ralph? (2012) is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios that showcases the once-loved arcade classics in new light that shines with a luminance meant to be loved by the modern generation. Ralph, voiced by John C. Reily, is a muscular ?freak? who has only one function; using brute force to make a high-rise apartment building look like a victim in Tarantino?s ?Pulp Fiction? by assaulting its walls with a barrage of punches and kicks. Then follows the high-spirited Fix-It Felix Junior; a handyman voiced by ?30 Rock?s? Jack McBrayer who wins the hearts of the Nicelanders through his overly exuberant repair jobs on the post-Ralph crippled structure. In accordance with his efforts, Felix is regularly invited to their high-class parties, while Ralph is condemned every night to the town junkyard?a critical character dynamic that sets the stage for the rest of the film?s events to unfold.After decades of this existence, Ralph yearns to escape, and that's the excuse for the movie to break free from the confines of its game. Ralph journeys through power cables and a surge projector to a place named Grand Game Central, where iconic arcade characters can travel and socialize. Wanting to finally gain recognition and acceptance of the Nicelanders, Ralph ventures out to find proof that he too, can be a ?good-guy?. This effectively sets the stage for conflict and misadventures that come to follow, ultimately allowing Ralph to find not only recognition and respect, but himself as well.In comparison to other animated films of its time, the design principles and color palette of "Wreck-It Ralph" are unprecedented, dazzling, and nothing short of incredible, created by high-end animation software including Maya, Houdini, etc. From the cutesy sparkles in Sugar Rush, all the way to the frenetic steam and flying ash effects in Hero?s Duty; The visuals offer unlimited sets, costumes and rules, giving the movie tireless originality and unique life in every cyber world that the viewer is immersed in. Originally making his mark through work on the popular TV show, The Simpsons, director Rich Moore incorporates a familiar concept deviating from ?Toy Story?s? clandestine world, when the arcade shuts, the machines come to life ? a concept loaded with its own set of rules such as never jumping between games. In this sense, Wreck-It Ralph is unique among the few videogame-themed movies that exist today ? it actually displays a genuine love for its subject, jam-packed with a clever balance of timeless, 8-bit humor and mild jeopardy that viewers of all ages can deeply appreciate. While younger viewers will most likely be attracted to the stunning CG visuals and witty character of Vanellope von Schweetz, seasoned gamers are invited to spot Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac Man, among the countless other cameos that clutter Game Central Station. Even adults, who may feel less persuaded to see such a movie, are offered sanctuary with the unlikely blooming romance between Felix Jr. and Jane Lynch?s dominatrix Marine, Calhoun. ?Wreck It Ralph? truly is a rare family film that speaks to two generations at once. Both will come out satisfied, some more than others.One feat that this film accomplishes surprisingly well is the effective portrayal of a role reversal, in the sense that the protagonist (Ralph) in reality, is only a villain in his video game. Despite being programmed as a villain however, there are a majority of scenes, including in the beginning that can evoke sympathy for Ralph from audiences. Other scenes, especially during his time with Vanillope and their growing friendship, show him as the kind, caring, and selfless person he truly is. Through his friendship with Vanillope that he learns what it truly means to be a hero. To top things off, the movie recharges for a hectic final act, throwing viewers into a wild ?Mario Kart-eqsue? goose chase. These principles provide rich and immersive, top-notch storytelling, assisted with the exceptional use of a wide variety of camera angles, visual effects, and character development. All of which are prevalent throughout the film, and worked harmoniously with the less glamorous ones, thus forming a well delivered, successful and cohesive film overall. I highly recommend this film for audiences both young and old; particularly those who hold an interest in arcade classics or lovers of Adam Sandler?s ?Pixels? (2015).

Kevin R (it) wrote: I think my guy got done by a broad. A detective is hot on the case of a serial killer that leaves strange evidence. He has the feeling that the killer is a female. During the investigation he meets a knockout blond and begins falling in love. What are the chances that she's the killer? "I believe in animal attraction." Harold Becker, director of Mercury Rising, Taps, City Hall, Malice, and Vision Quest, delivers Sea of Love. The storyline for this picture is fairly standard for the genre and not particularly unique; however, the performances were good and the connection between Pacino and Barkin was wonderful. The film also stars John Goodman, Michael Rooker, Richard Jenkins, and William Hickey. "There are very few mistakes in life that cannot be corrected if you've got the guts." I've been DVR'ing Michel Rooker movies and was surprised I had never seen this picture. I was always aware of this film but never caught it. I did thoroughly enjoy this movie and thought Pacino was awesome. The overall film was just okay but the interactions between Barkin and Pacino were perfect. I recommend seeing this film if you're a fan of crime dramas. "I swear on the eyes of my children." Grade: B-

Eve C (ru) wrote: Comment a j'ai encore jamais vu ce film ?!!

Josh G (mx) wrote: Four films into the Up series, it's beginning to get to the point where it's difficult to say new things about the film in these reviews. As before, the film is extraordinary in the way that it remains so thought-provoking. The viewer is encouraged to come to his or her own conclusions about the life paths that the children from the previous movies have taken into adulthood. Director Michael Apted continues asking piercing questions that make the subjects think for a moment, or simply rile them up. Although it has never been addressed before, it is in 28 Up that Apted asks the kids (can I call them "kids" still? when will I stop?) whether they agree with the statement that begins and ends each of the films: "Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man." Were they the same person at age seven that they are now? Are you? Watch this movie with some close friends, because this is a group experience. What makes the Up series so endlessly fascinating is in how much it causes you to debate and consider and pose questions in your mind. It's helpful to have a sounding board to throw those questions out to. And then of course, there is the simple fact that you have become entwined in the fates of this group. You feel as though you know them, even though you really don't, and their ups and downs can be as exhilarating or painful for you as if they were people that you had actually spoken with. P.S. It's weird to know that the children of the subjects in this film are just a couple of years older than I am. Oh! One other thing that I'd really like to mention about 28 Up that sets it apart from the previous films in the series. Where before, the film would cut back and forth between footage from the current date and the previous films, this installment kind of has a different twist that makes good use of the power of flashback. Instead of cutting off all video/audio from the current interviews while re-showing the viewer stuff he or she has already seen in the past installments, now you will sometimes hear audio from a current interview being played over images from the past. And again, at the end of the movie, rather than just playing out the same, tired old ending sequence from 7 Up, this time Apted overlays the images from the children at seven with the children at age 28. It's remarkably effective and an interesting departure from the previous films. All in all, I can only reiterate what I've said in my reviews for the previous three films. 28 Up is fantastic and thoughtful and absolutely worth seeing as soon as you can.

Cecy Q (it) wrote: I love the way which this movie was filmed.. black-and-white shots for indoors and full color shots for outdoors. It makes it as original as the history itself. A simple story of two people who decide love again. Good music, beautiful locations and the best part: the language.. french!

Rob C (mx) wrote: The second of many science fiction movies making their debut this year, ''After Earth'' brings the father son duo Will and Jaden Smith back together for a science fiction flick taking place on an Earth disfigured by 1000 years of evolution and alien intervention. Regretfully the film stands as the black sheep of the sci-fi 2013 films; a disappointment on so many levels.''After Earth'' takes place 1000 years in the future with humans having settled on the planet Nova Prime after an attack from the S'krell alien race (Not that we learn anything else about them). The main plotline follows the developing bond between Kitai (Jaden) and his father Cypher (Will) who crash land on Earth after their ship is struck by an asteroid storm. It is soon revealed that Earth was quarantined as according to Cypher ''everything has evolved to kill humans'' and Kitai must embark alone to find the emergency beacon needed to call for rescue. The premise of After Earth had a fair amount of potential for some tense and frenetic moments but these are mostly squandered at every turn by an unshakeable senselessness that plagues the narrative. If everything on Earth has evolved to kill humans why is Kitai often not under threat? Why does Kitai sleep outside one night when his father clearly stressed that he avoids the radical temperature shifts? Why does Kitai head towards a volcanic mountain range when its ashes have been interfering with the beacon's signal? These questions among others will stick out far more than the film's one tense moment involving a chase through the inside of a mountain. The movie also shamelessly borrows from 1987's Predator in the final confrontation as the S'Krell Ursa creature closes in on Kitai; but even this is made redundant as the Ursa, for some unknown reason loses sight of Kitai completely at the last moment. The plot of After Earth as a whole is shallow and trudges along without making much coherent sense.The previous collaboration between Will Smith and his son (The Pursuit of Happyness) turned out quite well so surely after seven years some improvement would come shining through; quite the opposite in fact as the relationship between Kitai and Cypher stands as one of the most underdeveloped and lacklustre in any science fiction movie to date. First of all the two are separated for the vast majority of the action, restricting their interactions to telecommunication, given that Kitai and Cypher are the only proper characters in the film they never get a chance to properly bond or develop. Emotions have been woefully suppressed in ''After Earth'' be it Will Smith doing little more than sitting around in the ship's wreckage, spouting clichd militaristic dialogue or Jaden failing to provide a strong and developed lead; even moments such as Kitai's defiance of his father that showed glimmers of hope are dashed by wonky accents that seem unsure whether to speak in American or British dialect throughout the film. The underdeveloped performances go by as a missed opportunity, given the charisma Will Smith in particular has shown throughout his career.Science fiction movies are often seen to create detailed and immersive worlds but the vision of the future produced by After Earth cannot hold up in the slightest. The colony of Nova Prime and the S'Krell alien race are given far too little time to develop other than a brief narration from Kitai and as for Earth and the creatures that inhabit it; they're fundamentally unimaginative. Most of the creatures aside from the Ursa that appears towards the end of the flick are simply enlarged versions of animals we are already accustomed to, be it carnivorous baboons or a giant eagle. The endless forests, rivers and lakes among other environments quickly blend together, not distinguishing themselves from Earth in the present. The action sequences are mostly well shot but unfortunately fail to build enough tension to justify the film's focus into themes of fear and bravery; they are often poorly placed against soulless flashback sequences as well, damaging the film's pacing. Some of the environmental vistas and creature effects are slightly enhanced by the 4K resolution used in several parts of the film but otherwise the technical and artistic aspects of ''After Earth'' are average and generic at best.''After Earth'' ends up being a poor show all around; M Night Shyamalan has once again failed to redeem himself in the movie industry by producing a film that lacks imagination, wastes celebrity talent and endlessly contradicts itself.

Russell H (fr) wrote: Dreyfuss was hilarious as he loses it. This was a cool movie with some good effects for its time. I thought the musical space ships idea was kinda stupid and the aliens look retarded.

Luc L (ag) wrote: A film based about true events of a British serial killer. A well made film.