Varg Veum - Din til døden

Varg Veum - Din til døden

There has been no shortage of women in private investigator Varg Veum's life, but not for the long haul. When the search for her estranged husband Jonas's car brings Varg together with ...

There has been no shortage of women in private investigator Varg Veum's life, but not for the long haul. When the search for her estranged husband Jonas's car brings Varg together with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil P (ru) wrote: Tense thriller! Good watch! Enjoy!

Ronald S (mx) wrote: A small film that seems to catch the essence of New York, a place I truly adore, better than any Hollywood movie in recent memory. These two people have a certain chemistry about them that made the whole scenario believable to me. I really loved the character of Jaime, but Charlie warmed up to me after while.My biggest beef are the sections of the film where you can tell the actors are just improvising. When it works, it's amazing filmmaking. When it doesn't, I groaned a little bit. It doesn't happen too often, but it's what took the rating down for me.It's just a beautiful little film that I enjoyed highly.

Rohaifa S (fr) wrote: in this movie you will never know who is the behind all what happen to the electronic guy only in the end you will know who was behind this and you will never think that it will be his own wife ........ but he wins in the end and he get all the diamond to his self........ long story watch it by your selfit's good and not bad i like it nice movie

Aswin W (ca) wrote: Very Good WWII action flick from a enemy's point of view. Story was well done, interesting battle sequences filled with emotions plus sound effects. Acting was great and overall it was worth a watch.

Al S (nl) wrote: A fast, furious and relentlessly exciting action-packed thriller that's a non-stop great time. It's wickedly funny and incredibly enjoyable from start to finish. A smart, funny, sexy and exhilarating roller-coaster ride that doesn't put the breaks on for anything. Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin are terrific, they have have such outrageous and enjoyable chemistry. They mix toughness and comedy perfectly together. A body-slamming, pistol-packing and tongue in cheek adventure. A wild ride of explosive action and outrageous humor.

Michael A (ca) wrote: If it wasn't for Ray Liotta's fantastic turn as psychotic Officer Pete Davis this would just be another "Fatal Attraction" movie.

Adam E (ag) wrote: there are very few films that come out which are truley magical and this along with the likes of pee wee herman is right up there. An amazing display of stop motion animation makes this quirky film seem even more fantastic. everyone is only out to make an amazing film but those pesky studio execs just keep getting in the way. taking the mick out of the sillyness of the american film system and showing the love for the low budget film makers its still at heart a simple film about a bloke who loves movies and wants to make one. this simpleness makes it or the more lovable. Its cheeky and quite funny to with a greta selection of characters with simple but engaing goodies and baddies. the special effects hold up surprisngly well and are loads of fun. i was singing the theme tune for days after! fans of the behind the scenes cinema will love this or if you love just a blooming nice, light hearted and fantastical movie you are quids in with this.

Marc L (au) wrote: Il se dgage un parfum agrablement dsuet de cette production fantastique du dbut des annes 80, qui aurait pu sans honte figurer dans le prestigieux catalogue de la Hammer. Une petite ville endormie, un lourd secret vieux d'un demi-sicle qui tourmente les notables de l'endroit, des morts tranges, on est ici dans l'horreur l'ancienne, avec ses histoires de revenants et de maldictions familiales qu'on se raconte le soir au coin du feu. Etant donn qu'il n'a (presque) pas pour ambition de faire sursauter le spectateur, on pourrait juger que "Le fantme de Milburn" est une oeuvre soporifique. il n'en est rien : si on ne peut pas rellement parler d'"pouvante" son sujet - 30 ans d'ge, c'est beaucoup pour un film d'horreur -, ce film de John Irvin sduit grce ce qu'on pourrait nommer "L'effet Phantom Manor" : en hommage l'attraction de Disneyland ( laquelle la demeure prsente dans le film ressemble d'ailleurs beaucoup) : on s'attend moins tre effray qu' tre diverti par une certaine lgance suranne dans la mise en scne et un usage matris des clichs d'histoires de fantmes. Pour l'anecdote, "le fantme de Milburn" fut galement le dernier tour de piste pour quelques monstres sacrs de l'ge d'or du cinma amricain, comme Fred Astaire et Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Underwhelming. I am a big fan of military dramas, especially those based on historic events, so this movie should have been a lock in terms of liking it. However, it fails to deliver.The biggest setback is Charlton Heston's accent. He's an American putting on a posh English accent, and he sounds it. Just feels so...superficial. Whatever possessed the producers to go with an American in as a 19th century English general is beyond me. At the time, Heston was the go-to actor for heroic roles, so that might explain it.Laurence Oliver is slightly better, as the Mahdi. Hardly recognisable, his accent is someones quite hilarious, and sometimes quite offensive (I would think). Were there no middle-eastern actors available at the time?Plot also seems quite padded. Yes, the political intrigues had to be there to show why General Gordon was in the situation he was in, and did what he did. However, there seems to be a lot of pointless scenes in the movie, particularly in the first half.This said, there are some good battle scenes. Plus, the movie seems fairly true to history (which you can't say about all historical dramas), so is useful as a history lesson.

Bruce20 W (kr) wrote: Terrible movie features two CGI armies. Obi Wan's story can be a little interesting, but Anikan and Padme's romance drags the movie down.