Varg Veum: Woman in the Fridge

Varg Veum: Woman in the Fridge

Veum is on a case of a missing employee (Arne) for an international oil drilling company. When he checks Arne's flat he discovers a woman's torso in the fridge. He is attacked and knocked ...

Veum is on a case of a missing employee (Arne) for an international oil drilling company. When he checks Arne's flat he discovers a woman's torso in the fridge. He is attacked and knocked ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Varg Veum: Woman in the Fridge torrent reviews

Rodney W (it) wrote: Cheesy and strange in all the right places. Enjoyably bizarre.

joseph e (kr) wrote: Review #308 Action,Sci-Fi Thriller I always thought that after Cuba Gooding Jr started making bad films, he would've got a better agent. Of course I was dead wrong. This film, beyond being ludicrious, is predicatable, and shameless fun, but one thing it isn't is beliveable or even emotional. It is emotionless. "Chill Factor is A thriller that doesn't thrill, and unlike it's name, it doesn't offer any chills. It offers only a few dumb laughs. Certianly they could of renamed it "Get the bomb here in under an hour and keep the ice cream in the truck'." Well that is wrong for two reasons. They would never make it in an hour. Also the ice cream would melt by then. Surely this film is as dumb as it is believable.

Chris C (jp) wrote: I give it a high score due to the setting/atmosphere and the fight scenes. In some parts the movie is a real comic book movie in some. A really violent comic book but a comic book movie. The american version is possibly the only american cut of Jet Li's HK movies I recommend. The dubbing isn't too bad, the American version features extra scenes over the HK version, the hip-hop soundtrack is tolerable. The downside is that the American version misses character moments to shorten the runtime, but the American version is a tad bit more gory and violent in scenes which could be interesting to some people.

Violet V (nl) wrote: Allen and Midler are great on screen.

Joy H (kr) wrote: One of my most favorite movies. Bette and Shelley work so well together. What a laugh!!

Allan C (br) wrote: Typically atmospheric Hammer Horror film with studio regulars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing trying to solve the mystery of a Gorgon who has taken human form and is terrorizing a small Balkan village. Regular Hammer director Terence Fisher does well on building atmosphere, but the script is not one of their better efforts. Good, but not a classic.

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Frederic C B (br) wrote: The Good:Exciting car chase sequences, eventhough it sort of mimics the Fast Furious series. Ray Stevenson's Frank Martin Sr. steals the show.The Not-so-Good:Ed Skrein doesn't exudes the charm of Jason Statham's, which is one of the signature of the series. Thus he couldn't carry the movie on his own. Some of the fight sequences feel stilted and not as smooth as Transporter series' trademark. No chemistry between Frank and Anna, thus the feeling between them isn't too believable. Once again, Russian are stereotyped as bad guys.

Charles S (br) wrote: Its ok, but the acting could be better....