Varian's War

Varian's War

Varian Fry rescues more than 2,000 artists from Nazi persecution during World War II.

Varian Fry rescues more than 2,000 artists from Nazi persecution during World War II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Varian's War torrent reviews

Mother F (au) wrote: Funniest dam movie in years! If you don't like this one then you're a stupid shit eating cunt.

Matt S (ru) wrote: Blurs the line between documentary and narrative film, I finally found my first enjoyable found footage style narrative film. The Documentary aesthetic and it's use of non-actors depicts the gritty chaos present in ghetto's across the united states.

Ciolacu G (ru) wrote: "The film is a chilling study of an evil, dominant personality and his victims." - Ebert

Rameshwar N (kr) wrote: In a single sentence this movie can be defined as anything that is neither sense nor sensible and the writer with the director would fit the roles of dumb and dumber in real life. My insatiable wait to watch a perfect Telugu movie is not even being met by a watchable one for sometime. The protagonist (Allu Arjun) is chosen as the guardian of the temple by the current guy (Prakash Raj) in Badrinath which is an age old tradition and he will be trained in all the required skills for that. Then comes the beautiful non-believer Alakananda (Tamanna) who falls for the protagonist and starts believing in God. One catch here is that if you are to serve as the guardian of the temple, you should be a lifetime bachelor. If you are interested in how this happens, refer to the first two lines of the review. Alakananda has also pissed off the most powerful bad politician back in Andhra Pradesh (a far off state (also the origin of this movie)) from where the current stuff is happening) and they are in pursuit of her no matter what they have to do to get to her. As always, this movie too is treated with the utter disrespect for the audience as well as on what they are trying to show. Allu Arjun delivers whatever is expected of him and whatever performance delivered in this bland script is only as worth as acting in front of a mirror. Oh wait, that should at least give self satisfaction. Enough of me whining about it, you just don't watch it (there is only one in a million chance that any of you might come across this, even then don't).

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Eric C (kr) wrote: My first and my favourite aoi yu movie. She is so lovely in this. Her dancing totally captured me.

Ajay T (mx) wrote: very inspiring and beautiful

James K (kr) wrote: The best western ever made.

Tim S (gb) wrote: "We'll settle this the old Navy way: first guy to die LOSES!"

Dane P (ca) wrote: A really dark disturbing dramatic unsettling and actually quite funny mockumentry reccomended to the hardcore filmgoers

Jonathan D (us) wrote: This is a very solid spy movie. It's not as good as Thunderball or From Russia, but still fun and worth a watch.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: This is on IFC in April 2010.

Taylor C (it) wrote: Horror master Clive Barker delivers another epic film. The story of a man rising up to lead a hidden city of monstrous creatures, each with special abilities. The special effects were pretty good. Acting? Nice. Music? Loved it! If I had more time, I'd explain more on why this is one to see if you're a horror fan. While it isn't too scary, it's definitely got some intense imagery. Thumbs up!

Shae S (nl) wrote: Michael Richards MAKES this movie. He's brilliant in it.

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