Variations on the Old Theme

Variations on the Old Theme


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Bulgarian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Variations on the Old Theme torrent reviews

Alec B (ca) wrote: It's not without fun elements, but there's an almost total lack of compelling characters. Also, I don't know what Eddie Redmayne was doing performance wise but none of it works.

C F (it) wrote: I enjoyed the film. Good action, likable characters, and overall fun to watch. There are some plot disconnects but I can over look them. I am not a fan of a lot of CGI but it seems the way today. I miss the old make magic that made the creatures more real. The new addition of Johns father was a good and the part was played well. I would like to see a future movie with him in it. Riddick is the classic [email protected] with all the right components and I would play to see more if him in the future.

Wade W (ru) wrote: I saw it for the 1st time, and really enjoyed it.

Isabelle P (kr) wrote: oui, se taper un Bergman de 1948 un dimanche soir la maison tient plus du masochisme que de la cinephilite. On est encore bien loin de Personna mais la photographie est superbe.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: A complete disaster when it was released, 'BRINGING UP BABY' is screwball comedy to the extreme: absolutely absurd, crackling with dialogue moving faster than a bullet, and unapologetically zany... "The love impulse reveals itself in conflict"-- IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE RIDICULOUS AND MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL! THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY... Zany. Madcap. Screwball!!

Gimly M (ca) wrote: A bloke has a curse placed on him where he learns that instead of being mean, he can be creepy.Absolutely nobody on the planet would behave like a single one of these characters, and if that weren't the case, this movie would still suck. Gets the extra star for LisaGay Hamilton & Neil Patrick Harris who, though still ridiculous, are at least endearing.(Also he's way hotter as The Beast).

Cha D (ag) wrote: I downloaded a James Brown album because of this movie.

Brian H (us) wrote: This film is a little rusty...

Brigg S (kr) wrote: This was on the movie channel last night and surprisingly I'd never seen it before. It's pretty much got everything you want out of a cheesy 80s/90s Van Damme action flick, but looking back at it retrospectively, I think if was watching this for the first time in 1993, I might have thought it was a little weak. The action sequences are fine enough, but it seems there could have been more. A couple of highlights:*JCVD, spectacular mullet!!!* Arnold Vosloo looks exactly like Joe Flacco* A LOT of slow motion shots, especially in the beginning. From sexy looks from the girl, badass looks from Van Damme, and every punch in between.* There's one action sequence where Van Damme keeps standing up on a motorcycle several times. It's seemed a little unnecessary and very dangerous.* Wilford Brimley does a fantastic Cajun accent!* Who are the crew of hunters at the end of the movie and what are they wearing? They all seem to be some kind of stereotype of a characterture (that's right, it's like 2 levels deep of WTF)You don't need to see this movie or even revisit it. But if there is truly nothing else on TV and this happens to be on, it's worth a laugh or 2.