A screen adaptation of the second version of A. M. Gorky’s play “Vassa Zheleznova”. In this family children were taught from the early years to put accent on the word “my”: my ship, my house, my factory… Here they counted the money earned by other people’s labour and could lose a fortune overnight playing cards; here they indulged in utter debauchery and were sneaking on each other; they prayed and engaged in shady dealings in the name of God… Vassa had it all: money, power, clout, brains and grip. And only one thing she did not have – the future, for the year 1917 was drawing nearer and the age of the Zheleznovs and the Khrapovs was coming to an end.

In this house, children were taught from a young age always clearly say "my" - my ship, my house, my factory. Here count the money acquired by the labor of others, and overnight playing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elise P (nl) wrote: The entire film is very slow and drawn out that the dramatic moments feel uneventful. The characters are caricatures and unlikeable and lack any real character depth. The plot is also predictable. The cinematography feels superimposed and mainly about long tracking long takes that are more about form. Also the sound quality was terrible and it's "lifelike" way of many tracks of conversations at once wasn't naturalistic it was frustrating. The only things going for this film is the slight pleasure in seeing so many cameos from stars.

Gordon B (br) wrote: I got that there are people on a space station. I got that it looks like a 70s Sci fi movie. I got that there's lot of people screwing in closets, but why? Where are we going? Where's the story? Why should I care? What the hell is happening here

Carlos Z (au) wrote: Charming and funny. Allen and Turturro are great together

Stephen B (us) wrote: Just a phenomenal film that comes out of no where and grabs you. It is impossible to not be overcome with emotion while watching this film.

JeSs S (gb) wrote: bon film ou l'on ne s'appitoie pas sur la maladie mais on la surmonte pour la combattre !!:)

Raymond S (ca) wrote: This is the BEST Movires T Perry has ever made, he keeps getting better every time, and yes I am going to go see it again.

Khaled H (gb) wrote: at least someone survived it's a sad story but in the same time full of hope and future gazing

Dryden D (it) wrote: Wish they would have warned me about how sad it is.

Kelsey K (es) wrote: It is actually enjoyable and a little original. Not as good as the first, way better than the second, this movie is worth at least one watch.

lisa t (jp) wrote: If you want a cheesy film, this is awesome

Bobby L (kr) wrote: Bad acting? Check. Worse special effects? Check. Fun kills from the sharks? Check. Lots of kills? Check. While it doesn't reach the apex of fun b-movie cinema, it is an enjoyably silly, easy to make fun of romp.

Jason P (nl) wrote: althougt it got such low ratings i still like to see this movie.

Shawn M (it) wrote: Up Series - GENERAL REVIEWGREAT, GREAT, GREAT series to watch these movies...started watching them all in order in 2007...(by coincidence one of the subjects ends up living in Madison, WI!)So very interesting to watch this non-statistically-relevant social experiment unfold...Reality TV before there was Reality TV...We see a little of ourselves in each on of the characters and family...A masterful editing of subject matter, to get the audience to CARE about each of the subjects and APPRECIATE things from their lives...Ebert puts this series in his all-time top 10 or even top 5 lists...I agree...A must-watch for anyone over the age of 25...

Natalie Z (kr) wrote: Insects, naturalists, Darwin, romance, deceit - twisted yet happy ending

John C (es) wrote: As brutal as and disjointed as a shotgun blast to the face, "King of New York" is an hour and forty-six minute time capsule that verifies that Christopher Walken is the man.

jay n (fr) wrote: Fine rendering of Marjorie Rawlings autobiographical novel. The material is well handled by Ritt an erratic director who produced most of his best work when it had a southern feel to it. Excellent work from two very good actresses, Mary Steenburgen and Dana Hill and a great one, Alfre Woodard. Rip Torn gives one of his most well judged performances keeping the ham that occasionally slips into his acting out of his work here.

Lisa V (us) wrote: Interesting for its portrayal of life and the options available to people (esp. women) in the Soviet Union, but I found it difficult to watch the deeply sexist messages play out on the screen.

Lindsey H (gb) wrote: A slightly odd but brilliant film from Lindsay Anderson who also directed 'If..' which is also brilliant. A young and gorgeous malcolm McDowell and the young and equally gorgeous Helen mirren make this film one of my favourites as I adore them both. Also a great soundtrack by Alan Price. This film is very long which I think may limit its appeal to most, but for fans of Lindsay Anderson or Malcolm McDowell and good old British films from the 70's it's fantastic!

Scott W (br) wrote: I watched this because Mr. Harry Knowles said that he enjoyed it more than The Brothers Bloom, which struck me as movie blasphemy. While I don't necessarily agree, I loved it. This is a fantastic crime caper with great, great acting. This took you to a different world, and was loaded with charisma. (My only beef was that I didn't buy the romance between Caine & McLaine) Delightfully enjoyable movie!

Mathieu B (gb) wrote: Rien dire sur ce chef d'oeuvre en son genre. Sinon que la performance de Tor Johnson aurait d lui valoir l'Oscar du meilleur acteur.