Vatican Conspiracy

Vatican Conspiracy

An eremit who has had contact to terrorists is planning to kill the pope by poisoning.

An eremit who has had contact to terrorists is planning to kill the pope by poisoning. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carmela M (kr) wrote: This is the most fantastic piece of art I've seen recently. It makes me think you really never know who's on the street. They could be fantastic people like Ryan was. I wonder if he was one of the people I saw outside Schwartz's.

Lala L (fr) wrote: 9/12/2014: The thick accented English made it so hard to watch the movie. Moreover, it is so much worse than the novel, which can be touted as a masterpiece. The movie didn't portray the protanogist's fear, lust, agony realistically enough.

Salah A (mx) wrote: Damn, i miss this shit.

Spookie M (jp) wrote: Good cast in a really quirky comedy. There are really inspired funny moments in this and Rockwell and Zahn have great chemistry.

Niloo R (ru) wrote: this was a surprisingly emotive film. it was shot beautifully, but in terms of plot/character it was somewhat lacking. the character of narayan in particular comes to mind, as one dimensional and hollow. the film also didn't seem to have real direction and the events that happened seemed arbitrary and for that reason couldn't keep our attention - making the film feel long and boring. having said this though, the film did a wonderful job of capturing certain moments of deep emotion, no associated with a particular character, but just with seeing how terrible life was for the widows and feeling their deep pain. the film also excelled thematically with a message that rings true even in today's southern asia, which is a near-impossible feat given that the film achieved its theme with almost no help from plot or character.

Sarah O (jp) wrote: This film is just okay. I think a lot of the diagnoses in the film are outdated and some are just laughable. I agree with some of the other comments that Lisa speaking in rhyme got annoying and redundant. Sure glad both the title characters were cured by the end of the film by just their sheer love for one another.

Rosco B (ru) wrote: British director Bernard Rose gives us a low-key curio, a childs-eye view of feverish fantasy before he delivered more straightforward horror thrills with the later genre classic 'Candyman'. Indeed, 'Paperhouse' reaches its zenith as a scary movie about an hour in, and from then on becomes a sort of psychological drama as Anna - the young female protagonist - attempts to deal with her illness-induced problems in the real world. The film's recurring dream sequences stem from 11 year old Anna's basic pencil drawings during a bout of glandular fever and work superbly; giving the film a strong visual motif from the outset and drawing lingeringly on childhood fears and desires, some of which are proved to be frighteningly irretractable. The use of the shadowed father figure (Ben Cross) - absent in the real world - as the antagonist in these dreams provides the film with its effective shock moments, and Rose makes excellent, sparing use of sound and composition. The 'Paperhouse' itself is a stark, concrete vision and acts as a creepy purgatory for the children, in a way that almost intones the cold, stone corridors of Clive Barker's visions of hell. Charlotte Burke as Anna doesn't always entirely convince in the acting stakes but she has a very difficult task of holding together the fantasy and realistic elements, and certainly conveys both the charm and the infuriating nature possessed by an 11 year old. American star Glenne Headly also makes a welcome appearance as Anna's under-pressure mother. 'Paperhouse' is fairly easy and cheap to get hold of in on DVD in the UK, and is certainly worth a punt for fans of ghost stories, if not those of out-and-out horror. It is to me also strongly reminiscent of Frank LaLoggia's 'Lady In White' from the same era in its dream-like passages; and would make a great double bill with it.