Prologue: The murderer "Boss" Huller - after having spent ten years in prison - breaks his silence to tell the warden his story. "Boss", a former trapeze artist, and his wife own a cheap ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vaudeville torrent reviews

Tanvir M (it) wrote: A disappointing mess of a film, a plodding bore and not one of Yen's decent offerings. The only exciting set pieces come at the end, assuming the viewer hasn't fallen asleep by then.

Daunte D (fr) wrote: A very awesome, funny movie.

JY S (br) wrote: Robotics with a pinch of humor is what's unveiled in Shinobu Yaguchi's Robo-G.The story has a clever script behind it, which leads to an amusing production. The premise alone is enough to generate chuckles and the storytelling receives praise for its 105 minutes of screen-time. The introduction and conclusion is solid, and while there is enough wiring in the middle, it lacks some much needed humor.Classified as a comedy, the clever wittiness exists, just not in high abundance. The lackadaisical energy behind a few of the lead characters is partly to blame.Mickey Curtis puts on quite a performance, as the experience of his career shows. Yuriko Yoshitaka brings the much needed energy and delight to the picture in contrast to Gaku Hamada, Junya Kawashima, and Kawai Shogo.Robo-G is does have all the pieces to work and just a few kinks to show for it. Recommendable.

Linda F (au) wrote: perfect movie for passing some time. not great, not terrible.

Amy H (ru) wrote: Love how sweet teenage romance can be, so sweet and innocent. And Mia was so good in the movie.

Steve D (mx) wrote: good becuse of Hayden not the Original by any means

Lee W (ru) wrote: trailer very misleading for this film... and not enough Eva Mendes!!

Nicholas W (ca) wrote: best movie on the planet

Kandis A (de) wrote: Great continuation of the first story and the music was pretty good too!!!!

Paul N (kr) wrote: A good 80's schlock horror with a plot that didn't go as I expected. The hammy acting just makes these sorts of films even more pleasurable

Wes M (ag) wrote: "The peasants risked their lives. A samurai can do no less." Whoa. This truly was magnificent. I mean, it was just as action-packed as a Lone Wolf And Cub film, but they couldn't be more different (first and foremost, the violence in this one is actually realistic haha). This one was so much morehmm, elegant. And I mean that in every sense of the word. The fights were beautiful, the dialogue was engaging, the storytelling was heartfelt, the characters were emotionally charged. This was also Hideo Gosha's film debut. Holy crap, what a debut! I have instantly found a "new" favorite director, gotta check out his other stuff. The movie is also timeless. While you can pretty easily tell that the Lone Wolf and Cub series is from the 1970s, this one was made in 1964. Yet, it feels like it could have been made today. Honestly, no complaints; it's a must see.

Valentin G (fr) wrote: Another of those films that desperately parody everything around, maybe can make you laugh once or twice and that will be all. 3.5/10

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Adam Green's Digging Up the Marrow is a really good horror movie that could've been a bit better. Although I like the plot, it does feel like it was stretched thin to make it longer even though it's a short film. The movie is not boring however and I was interested to see where it's going. The acting is decent, nothing special except for Ray Wise who was really good in it. The practical effects look really good, and I like the creativity of the creatures by Alex Pardee. Even though there were scared that were effective, I felt like it should've try a bit harder of scaring the audience. It felt like a mystery movie which would've been fine, but a horror movie like Oculus does the mystery very well while putting enough scares to make it a memorable horror movie. So the mystery in this is predictable for the most part, but some of the stuff like Ray Wise's character's life is quite interesting which makes you wonder about that person also. It doesn't have a good balance of horror and mystery and just leans on the other. As is, Adam Green's Digging Up the Marrow is a good time for horror fans who just wanted something different that's not ghost related.

Anthony J (mx) wrote: Not the Farrelly's best film but it's a watchable friday night film?

Ian S (es) wrote: an odd couple must team up too take down a drug lord

Mark N (au) wrote: The humor is laid on with a trowel as De Niro grimaces through clenched teeth at the nonsense he has to utter. The movie jerks by turns through ham-fisted social commentary to bloody violence and back again in the most confusingly toned mess.