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Vecherniy labirint


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Suanne J (ru) wrote: Screaming and laughing! And that's what I needed to enjoy a movie tonight.

Ajk D (ru) wrote: JCVD back in action well at least he tried surprisingly with real life son who got potential

Facebook U (gb) wrote: The critics are a bit harsh. I found this film very absorbing and could not stop it for the whole two hours. Not a dull moment. Excellent acting. The light seemed well put on Wikileaks and reveals the issues and tensions between the ideas and the people. The film ends with Wikileaks being squarely betrayed by Daniel Berg and the french guy in charge of the servers. Wikileaks was very important to reveal how much of assholes the powerful people really are. From the soldier to the chief in command and all in between. Assholes doing crimes all the time and only a few aware and able to leak i.e. inform the world. National security is always in danger when the people in charge keep jeopardizing it while pretending they provide security. If they were providing security without relying so much on power and violence, there would probably be much less dangers to security around the world. I am not just talking about the governments, but all forms of power. It seems there was unfortunately a grave lack of information about what happened with ISIS, leading to such misery over there. It feels a lot like the situation was allowed to rot to the point where the military was given carte blanche to extirpate ISIS. I think the military victory is not a convincing argument in itself. It's simply the most powerful one(s) making the rules.

Walter D (ag) wrote: Too slow and boring... And all the high school students looked 30 or older.

Giorgos T (kr) wrote: A witty back comedy, with excellent balance between humour and macabre.

Jessica S (de) wrote: A fun comedy and a chance to see Luke from General Hospital.

Dawn M (ru) wrote: love this movie. have seen it over 15 times. a great RIP John Hughes movie. Love Molly, Jon Cryer, Annie Potts and Andrew McCarthy in it. James Spader played the bad boy in it. Jon Cryer played the "didn't get the girl" in it. And Andrew played the "got the girl" in it.

bill s (jp) wrote: Good money was spent on the production values but little effort was put into a script.

Will L (de) wrote: It's a decent slasher that still delivers the thrills and features a pretty good performance by a child in a horror film (rare!). It never takes itself too seriously, but it doesn't descend into the utter silliness the sequels did.