Cable Raju is a slum dweller who works as a cable operator; Saroja is a prostitute; Ramulu is a debt-ridden weaver from Sircilla; Vivek Chakravarthy is an upcoming rock star; Raheemuddin Qureshi is a Muslim from Old Basti in Hyderabad. The stories of these five characters are interwoven into one.

Cable Raju is a slum dweller who works as a cable operator; Saroja is a prostitute; Ramulu is a debt-ridden weaver from Sircilla; Vivek Chakravarthy is an upcoming rock star; Raheemuddin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vedam torrent reviews

Countess N (us) wrote: 12 February 2011 I enjoyed this offering from the SyFy would make a good tv show.

007 W (it) wrote: The lego movie is brilliant, one of the greatest kids movies, 9/10

Stef L (de) wrote: The first great art-film of the year comes disguised as a documentary. Japan's insect-reverent culture is the topic at hand. I told a friend I was going to see a film about the Japanese and their love of bugs, and he said, "Oh." I am telling you, this is a killer documentary. I believe the word I used right after the screening was, "Sensuous." Completely uninhibited and willing to take risks, by all practical accounts the film shouldn't work. The fact that it does is a testament to the filmmakers' obvious love of the form and a willingness in general to be completely sold out to the topic. We not only get to study the fascinating bugs of Japan, which are larger and more beautiful than any bug I've ever seen, but we study the people, too, and their fascination with the little critters. They marvel at these insects for their vitality, for the sounds they make, and for the way they teach in nature. The fascination is rooted in the 6th century in early Shinto and now Buddhist philosophy. These beautiful beetles, fireflies and crickets are a part of animist nature. According to Japanese beliefs, where the natural and the spiritual are more closely related, the universe is alive and breathing, and willing to teach -- as long as we're willing to listen. They give us insight even into ourselves. A soft-sounding feminine narrator explains how the firefly is the signature of burning love; how the dragonfly is a symbol of warrior power; how the sound of crickets is the song of night life; how a rhinoceros beetle resembles lightning from the horns on his head, he's a guardian of power or prestige. But if it's about honor for the insects, it's also about honor for the creation of film. The whole movie is like a love story created for the eyes -- my heart was pounding with every frame. There are images here that are soaked in miniscule beauty -- like haiku, the small poetry that was invented for the insect microverse. But then we're taken out of the insect world on a journey that shows the Tokyo crowds, Japanese children at play, the history and tradition of the religion, and the ebb and flow of their cities -- the pulse and grind of daily life. We see what the people in the streets of Tokyo might look like from a dragonfly's point of view, and then we're back on a leaf, or in a spotlight, or in a pet Beetle's cage, back with that wonderful feminine voice that narrates more philosophical musings. It is a poetic film that keeps our eyes fixed on the screen in excitement over nature. I almost lept to my feet in applause several times only a few minutes in. 80s retro synth-pop pokes in at various points, the electro-bop heightening the fun of the experience. It drifts between this and Thom Yorke-type electronica. The two styles blend in and out of each other, giving breaks between narration which make you light up like a firefly at the wondrous sound and imagery.

Grace (br) wrote: This movie is pretty awesome.

Joshua M (br) wrote: You know a movie is bad when you can't finish it. This one was much worse than the original Blair Witch Project.

Ryan C (au) wrote: classic farley and perry eveyrone was very funny and it was all about great comedy even though all the wild life and stuff were not up to par if you look past it and get lost in the humour its a good funny movie to watch and im glad i did because its one of my favourties

Kavin K (fr) wrote: Easily the best troma movie ever put out, they are sooo much funnier when they are clean. Excellent satire.

Ken T (ru) wrote: Raunchy with a capital R...Can't believe Chris Rock even did this one.

Elad W (ca) wrote: This movie, despite not so good acting and a kind dumb plot, is alright. The dragons are very cool and the action scenes and photography are well done, I enjoyed watching it because of the action and because of Matthew Mcconaughey's decent performance, Christian Bale was also not bad. In conclusion this is a nice monsters movie and if you don't have high expections I think you will enjoy it.

Michael R (jp) wrote: While it's paint by numbers within the genre, It's still a fun and enjoyable piece of exploitation cinema.