• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Georgian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   mountain,   grave,  

Based on the poems “Aluda Ketelauri” and “The Guest and the Host” by the classic of Georgian literature Vazha Pshavela This film opens Tengiz Abuladze’s trilogy (“The Plea”, “The Wishing Tree”, “Repentance”), which discusses the subject of common human values using original national material. The death of heroes, the knights of truth and good, leads the Poet to the conclusion that the evil is invincible. Exhausted by struggle and privations, the Poet lays down his arms. He is visited then by all of his favorite heroes. They put out candles by dipping them into a beer cup – a ritual Khevsuri gesture meaning renunciation. And only after seeing what misfortune and harm the rejection of fighting the evil results in, the Poet takes up arms again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg G (br) wrote: Incredible documentary, check it out!

Joanna B (gb) wrote: Master-of-tap Mumble (Elijah Wood) is no longer the misunderstood emperor penguin who danced when all the others sang, he is now happy with his mate Gloria (Alecia Moore) and their tiny son Erik (Ava Acres). But little Erik, like his father has troubles with self-expression and refuses to dance. When the amorously inclined Adlie penguin Ramon (Robin Williams); discontent with his romantic prospects as a bachelor amongst the emperor penguins, decides to return home, the acceptance lacking Erik and two of his pals run away and tagging along. Upon Ramon's arrival home though, things are not as he left them. The Adlie penguins' no longer follow the wacky, sweater-wearing Lovelace (Williams) but The Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria); a rare penguin who can fly!With no hope of competing with his son's new charismatic new role model, Mumbles world is shaken. But Erik quickly learns about his father's "guts and grit" as he brings together the penguin nations and their allies from all manners of fabulous creatures to put things right. Returning to the magnificent Antarctic landscape but this time in 3D, Happy Feet Two is funky, fluffy and freezing, but is it twice the toe tapping family fun of its 2006 predecessor. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 19/12/2011

Walker S (mx) wrote: Sure the movie has its moments but besides the name and the inclusions of levy and the stifler family this movie has nothing to do with the American pie series it's great to watch when your feeling some type of way

Rawballs B (de) wrote: They should have stop the cheering when they were ahead...

Bront Y (nl) wrote: A Lifetime movie is a Lifetime movie. This one was surprisingly good (well, entertaining, I should say) considering.

Jarle H (ag) wrote: Dette blir nok den siste filmen jeg anmelder tenker jeg !!! Takk til dere som faktisk gadd lese disse epistlene mine :) Ok. Et trivelig gjensyn med Matthew Broderick. Jeg kommer ikke p en eneste film han har spillt siden han var "Ferris Buler" i "skulk med stil" som nok er den filmen jeg har sett flest ganger. Den gikk p en eller annen kanal for en tid tilbake og jeg ble litt skremt over at jeg framdeles husket de fleste replikken, men den filmen holder framdeles en overaskende hy kvalitet. Selv om "Matthew" er blitt litt gr i hret og har lagt seg ut noen kilo er han en sjarmerende fyr og en dygtig skuespiller. Jeg vil nok tro at han kunne gjort de fleste rollen som horebukken "Hugh Grant" har gjort ti tusen ganger bedre ! Dette er langt fra noen klassiker, men jeg hper det er begynnelsen p en ny era i karieren til "Matthew Broderick". Nesten som treffe en kompis man ikke har snakket med p alt for lenge....

Cameron J (ag) wrote: One of few movies from my childhood I remember completely.

Josiah C (gb) wrote: Alright, but not as good as the series.

Mr Movie R (au) wrote: I loved every minute of it. Perfectly written, perfectly acted, perfect movie.

Addi M (mx) wrote: That Thing You Do is at the top of my favorite movies list. Maybe it's for nostalgic reasons... but I've seen it over 50 times, and every time I watch it I find something new to laugh at - (a funny extra in the background, a mumbled line by Steve Zahn) - it brings me so much joy and I never get tired of the music.

Ben H (nl) wrote: This is incredibly cheesy and stupid. But al least its so stupid its actually kind of entertaining

Dorianator F (us) wrote: Such a beautiful film. Some scenes are confusing, but the music goes together wonderfully with the visuals. It was a masterpiece in animation when it came out and the beauty still holds true.

Scott B (nl) wrote: Jack has been in better movies.

James C (it) wrote: It seems the state of humanity is grim. The lieutenant somehow navigates his world rather swiftly motivated by duty or addiction? Either way, I laughed inside most the time cause I didn't want to admit that I'm sick fuck too.

Ondrej (jp) wrote: Written by T. Fey. Stars R. McAdams, A. Seyfried, T. Fey and more. It's funny and it is what it's supposed to be teenage comedy.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 76%Saw this on 16/09/14Outlander is not as bad as they say it is. It's execution is lackluster, but the acting and story is enough for being a one time watch. It looks a lot cheesy because of it's poor visual effects, but the settings are not bad. It's passable if you look away from the contrivances.

John B (au) wrote: Nice movie & heart-warming family story even if it is on the bizarre side.

Paul P (de) wrote: The way Green shoots the "south" makes it feel like another world with people i've only read about. Josh Lucas is amazing, those extra long cigs were a perfect touch to his character. Jamie Bell is pretty strong here as well, along with Dermot Mulroney. After seeing George Washington and Undertow i'm really starting to like this David Gordon Green fella!

Brody M (ru) wrote: This movies still funny but NOT as funny as it was to me when I little