Veedu Theda

Veedu Theda

Katthi Seenu (Nikhil Siddharth) is a carefree and brash youngster from Tirupati, who lives with his sister (Hema) and her husband (Krishna Bhagavaan). A chance meeting with Love Kumar (Ali) leads him to Bheemavaram, where he comes across Meghana (Pooja Bose). It is love at first sight for Seenu but Meghana does not reciprocate his feelings. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Meghana has a past that is connected to the notorious don Liquor Shankar (Sayaji Shinde) and a jailed convict Das (Suman). They start pursuing Meghana and it is now up to Seenu to step in as her saviour.

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Samir S (br) wrote: A Life discovered in Pictures...

Eva A (kr) wrote: amazing movie!!! love the action and suspense in this one

DJ T (br) wrote: At times contrived, while sometimes funny, the set up is interesting enough but does not quite completely follow-through. While it has a lot of heart, the humor is perhaps lost in the cultural translation of this Mexican drama.

Aishwarya G (es) wrote: interesting one......vry guudddd...

Johnny B (it) wrote: lameness abounds dude. Not even attempts at the wittiness like the first 2. And some really annoying characters, effects that for the most part aren't as good as the first two, and the ending kind of goes against the idea of the previous films.

Paul K (br) wrote: Not bad. A bit flawed here and there. Don't read the synopsis on the sleeve of the Netflix envelope.Not much action, a bit static. But there are worse ways to spend your time.

Steven V (kr) wrote: This is great fun all the way, with fantastic fight scenes, a cool story and a wonderful final. All the characters are great, and i thought Keiji Sato was quite menacing as the main villain, plus Jet Li is simply amazing in this. The fight choreography is excellent, and the character development is quite good as well, plus Jet Li and Eric Tsang had great chemistry together. The plot is very well done and the ending is great. Simon Yam absolutely great in his role, had that great look of intensity on his face at all times, and was especially awesome in the final.

Gracie S (nl) wrote: "Someone declared war" One of the awesomest ending lines ever. I liked this movie even though I doubted I would. Natalie Wood is just so lovable to me though I can't help but love everything she does. She is a truly great character actress. I loved watching how her character evolved through this film.And of course Robert Redford is just about the dreamiest thing even when he's playing a jerk.I enjoyed it very much. 4 full stars!

JeanPhilippe G (ca) wrote: Great comedy from beggining to end, Billy Madison shows how funny Adam Sandler was in his prime.

Hollywood H (br) wrote: Watch just to see how bad this is

TonyPolito (au) wrote: This gritty '70s New York City copper caper is produced and directed by Philip D'Antoni, who also produced "Bullitt" and "The French Connection." Though it doesn't exactly make the hat trick, the film well qualifies for third place in such a triple bill. Roy Scheider, ringleader of a quartet of street cops who bag their busts by bending the rules, inadvertently stumbles into a roost of small-time thugs using boosted badges to kidnap and ransom wiseguys. The Manhattan car chase, embedded about midway in the film, heavily borrows its choreography from its sibling films, complete with thundering motor-blocks, springy-sprung foothill-jumping and pedestrian near-misses.The thugs speed off in a 1973 455-cube Pontiac Grand Ville land yacht (essentially a rebadged big-block Caddy DeVille) - and Scheider peels out for the chase in his 1973 350-cube Pontiac Ventura (essentially a rebadged 351 Chevy Nova). Then it's zippity-do-da through mid-town traffic, up the Henry Hudson Parkway and across the upper lanes of the GW. The chase finale is supposedly a remembrance toward Jayne Mansfield's fatal accident. Most every scene is bursting with authentic Manhattan backdrops from the day - many quite gritty indeed - and that alone makes a strong case for its viewing. The plot's a little weak, in that the viewer sees all the cards face up well before the Act 1 curtain and needs only munch popcorn waiting for Scheider to sniff out his way to trail's end. And no viewer should expect Scheider to save lines such as "we can do this the easy way or the hard way." The disc's an unlabelled flipper; the obverse contains the wide-screen and a brief (and very-grainy) "making of the chase scene" doc. RECOMMENDATION: Viewers that especially enjoyed "Bullitt," "French Connection," "The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3" and/or "Cops and Robbers" should give it a spin.