The story of the love between Veer Pratap Singh, an Indian, and Zaara Hayaat Khan, a Pakistani...a love so great it knows no boundaries...

Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, a pilot in the Indian air force, rescues the stranded Zaara, a woman from Pakistan, following a bus accident, and their lives are forever bound. Their love so great it knows no boundaries... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Veer-Zaara torrent reviews

Megan G (gb) wrote: Heartbreaking documentary- I cried more than once. This documentary investigates the epidemic of rape within the US military, and how NOTHING is being done! This is amazing to me. The sheer number of women (and some men) who have reported sexual assault and then the number of soldiers who get away with it, makes me angry. A very disturbing documentary, but extremely well done and a definite must watch. If you want to be informed, watch this film.

Roberta Z (au) wrote: I was spellbound by this movie. Felt it was well done, well acted and introduced some interesting, important questions. Did it ever hit theatres?

Nathan P (ag) wrote: The only reason this movie gets two stars is because a group of friends decided they wanted to make a horror movie, did it, and somehow got it released in chain-video-stores across the U.S. and finally made me pick it up. It wasn't that good though. Both the dvd box, and the actual dvd exclaim, "Warning: This movie depicts gruesome violence and gratuitous nudity." And, as you guessed, there was neither. Showing a couple of topless girls isn't "gratuitous nudity" and showing bad make-up and effects for blood and guts doesn't constitute a disclaimer of "gruesome violence." The plot was pretty terrible, b/c unlike the genre of film they were spoofing, 80's horror classics, there was no killer. The killer was a spirit. Not one of the friends or some supernatural dude that has an agenda to just kill horny teenagers, it was just a spirit of a guy who murdered his family, and b/c the stupid kids didn't say goodbye after their seance he is going to murder them all. Also, they didn't try to make it look like it was actually in they 80's, at least not very hard. They drove what looked like a ford Escape to the party, instead of something believable. Also, the attire of the characters was pretty bad. I understand that bad horror movies usually has stereotypical characters in it, which this movie also had, but they didn't just make them stereotypes of teenagers, but different parts of the 80's as well. There was the madonna look-a-likes, the polo-shirt wearing prep, the biker w/his slicked back hair and leather jacket, the two nerds wearing their fav. bands t-shirt, and probably most disappointing was that the only African-American character was wearing a Micheal Jackson red jacket. Just b/c he is black, he is gonna wear the MJ jacket, c'mon, everyone in the 80's wanted and wore that jacket, probably more white kids than black.Overall, I enjoyed this film b/c it was a group of friends making a spoof horror movie, and it took off. So, maybe it wasn't the film I enjoyed so much, but the way it came about. I also, think these kids that made this think that they know more about horror films than they actually do. I rented this w/a friend and told him that this movie, b/c it stated twice how much violence and nudity it had, wouldn't have very much of either, and at the end after the credits, the people would say gotcha!Well, it turned out to be true. After the credits, one of the characters looks at the camera and points and says, "Gotcha, hahaha!" Who fuckin called it.

Brett A (ru) wrote: Not that bad, considering it was a National Lampoon's movie.

Pavan R (kr) wrote: A bad one for Amitabh....not recommended

Private U (br) wrote: Yen Town's always there, it's everywhere.

Aaron H (de) wrote: This is almost a normal movie for 75% of it. then it gets kinda funny. Not in a bad way, just funny. I enjoyed it.

Marcey I (kr) wrote: Certainly an improvement over Stereo, Cronenberg shows he has some interesting ideas and concepts. Still, this for me didn't hold my interest too much, it was a little boring in parts. Perhaps if it had been done a little different it might have held my interest more, but the ideas are certainly present. I thought his use of sounds were rather interesting, still there is no dialogue, only the voice over narration. You could tell he had more of a budget here then Stereo and it is in colour and not black and white which I think helped this, as Cronenberg takes full advantage. There are some fantastic visuals, especially the very last scene, extremely disturbing but so well done. Seeing this you can clearly see Cronenbergs ideas for his future films.

Aj V (it) wrote: I don't know why Lugosi couldn't have just been a vampire again, but I suppose this is supposed to be a variation on Dracula somehow. I don't know, but this was actually a good movie, and Lugosi is always cool.

Lee M (ca) wrote: Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla is more of a black comedy than a straight horror film. Stuart Simpson has done a great job of combining uneasiness, humour and oddness to paint a portrait of a man who, despite emitting signs of worrying tendencies, we can empathise with and feel sorry for. Glenn Maynard is superb in his portrayal of Warren as a sympathetic character. Indeed, much of the success of Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla relies on his strong performance. It's an oddity alright, but an impressive one.

Marilena G (nl) wrote: Kind of funny, in a unique Rowan Atkinson kind of way.