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Misa H (es) wrote: Balanced and interesting. Tense. Love it.

Chosen 7 (de) wrote: Compelling film, great performance by Samuel L. Jackson..he should have received an Oscar nomination for this film. Josh Hartnett put on a good performance as well.

Allan H (fr) wrote: Love him or hate him....he was one of a kind

Alejandro E (ag) wrote: Emotive Ferrell in the downfall and rebirth of a boozer natural born loser.Good choice for a weekend

Robert I (us) wrote: I agree with Ebert, this is a terrible kids movie, but I still remember it.

Arthur R (au) wrote: gente, o gato e o Gage so timos atores, socorro

Alex S (kr) wrote: A lot of fighting, killing and explosions happens.Not an actual plot or interesting characters, just all the above shit.I can see why Kris Kristofferson even disliked this film, he made better choices 20 odd years later with the likes of Blade.

Dan B (au) wrote: If you like Belle & Sebastian, you should check this out. It's like the movie version of a concept album that was created to be a movie. It was written and directed by Stuart Murdoch who is the lead singer for Belle & Sebastian. It's just a light and fluffy coming of age story. Almost like he brought a B&S album cover to life. There are a few musical numbers where the characters sing to the camera. I really like the music and could see myself watching just for the music alone.

Cody R (de) wrote: Cody Radtke 6th periodPage 1 Review for Gridiron Gang This is a breathtaking movie about a group of individuals that are in a prison camp for all kinds of different charges, the inmates are all younger than 18. This movie gets really good when Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) sets up a football team to get the inmates to get out of the gangs and to stay off the streets. In this movie they are placed in a facility called Camp Kilpatrick in Santa Monica. At this camp all there was to do was eat, sleep, and beat up rival gang members. The movie jumps from heartwarming to murderous without convincing us that all these delinquents need is a good coach that cares for their well being and that will show them the right road to take in life. I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because this movie kept all the viewers on the edge of their seat. This movie also has a good ending that is to die for. I mean the ending to Gridiron Gang is impeccable. I really enjoyed how the director of this movie used people with real issues and problems. This movie is really accurate, I say this because all the people in this movie made the same mistake that real world people struggle with. This movie also has a very good storyline too it which keeps you entertained the whole movie. It's one of those movies where you can move your eyes from the Tv screen. You will be couch locked in a movie that gives you a real experience that you can only get from this movie. It has shootings in the street, brawls on the football field and swearing just about everywhere in this movie so if you don't mind those then you would love this movie. Now I've given you a pretty clear review of Gridiron Gang I suggest you watch the movie because nobody should miss this heartwarming, action packed movie. Now in this review I'm going to talk about the sound effects in this movie. I brought this up because this movie has next generation sound effects that keep your eyes stuck on the Tv screen. These sound effects are straight flawless and i've never seen a movie so exciting. Now you know why I highly suggest you to watch this incredible movie. It definitely would be worth your time and therefore you should spend an afternoon watching this movie or whenever you get the free time, I would highly recommend it.

christopher d (ca) wrote: Amazing film, absolutely amazing.

Liam M (au) wrote: 7.8/10Popstar is unrelentingly hilarious, while ambitiously reviving a comedic genre that has been comatose for years.