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Kaitlin D (fr) wrote: Amazing take on the issues that no one wants to talk about or deal with. Just watch it for perspective, whether you like it or not it will make you think and talk.

Clark H (au) wrote: not as good as caribbean nights but It tells why he wrote what he wrote. like the song small Axe tru story

Jeremy D (au) wrote: It is so cheesy compared to the dark, serious tone of the first film and I really didn't care who died or not.

Kristina K (ru) wrote: Smart enough to watch, great dialogue, nice acting, dull though.

Diana T (de) wrote: Greatstoryforthefans!Musiciansthemselvesarenotsogreat,butwhocares?It'smadewonderfully.Greatforthebandtoo.Ithinkitdependsonthepersonalitytosurviveinadditiontotalent.Somepeoplearejustnotmadetocompete,especiallyinsuchacompetitiveworldasmusic.Sometimesalldependsonagoodbandmanager.


Arturo S (nl) wrote: For a 1998 movie, it presented an interesting plot and gore scenes. Progress gets smarter and dramatic until the end.

Jeff G (es) wrote: King Rat. One of the most influential books and movies of my teenage years finally makes it to the illustrious venue of DVD along side of such wonders as "The Nanny" and "Scary Movie". I'll leave the book behind for a moment and speak only of the film.To say the film extolls the virtues of humanity is idiotic. To say the film attempts to identify the basic survival instincts of an individual thrust into incredible circumstance is simplistic.So what is it then that makes this film so damn good?Emotion.There is bucketloads spread about to find and each and every scene this film captures could be taken out, extolled upon and made a movie of on it's own.Corporal King, an American stuck in a predominantly British and Aussie POW camp during the Second World war has a nack for making things go his way.Far beyond the virtues of a 'scrounger' he has an unfailing ability to 'read people' and utilize their weaknesses. By this means he quickly organizes henchmen to provide him with whatever luxurys can be afforded in a Japenese POW camp.No Bridge on the River Kwai this film. No 'Chip chip! all for one now lads!' to be found here. This is straight and certain survival and Cpl King means to survive.His nemesis is rightfully, strange enough, the camp Provost Marshall, an Englishman with full beliefs that honesty and fair play are the glue to ensuring survival for all, not just the strong.The Japanese prison guards feel their posting is beneath them and denegrates their profession as soldiers and would as soon kill all the prisoners and return to front lines as serve the next pot of soup.There are some in the camp that fall under King's services immediately, cajoling others, robbing and blackmailing to suit their needs and those of their "King".The opportunities are obviously limited for detailing human sufferance but the ones that are revealed are staggering in their importance,.The death of a chicken, kept to lay eggs, by a dog that has an ignoble but altruistic demise.The horrifying method of execution, by the prisoners themselves, for someone caught stealing food from camp supplies.The importance and value of a simple watch (a Rolex) in gaining favour with the guards to the point it saves a man from dying slowly.And of course, the focus of the title. Ever the Fagan to his subordinates, King devizes a plan to put 'meat' on the table of the Camp Officers in a camp where meat, as tablefare, is unheard of. For the right price of course.I refuse to go anywhere near the ending for such an illustrious film but I will say, the ending will also raise concerns regarding your own place in life. I read the book 13 times. Yes 13, once each year while I was a Cadet, a Reservist then through training in the Regular Military. I am also the proud owner of a first edition (by James Clavell, author of Tai-Pan and Shogun which I have also read frequently).As with all books, far more 'fleshing out' is done but the movie quite admirably captures the 'soul' of the book.The acting is impeccable. No torn blouse bimbet to release you from the clear and present danger that fills each minute. No massive explosions or "let's get some!" finale to wreak vengeance where it may or may not belong. Indeed, no vengeance is reciprocated on any, and the last few lines of the movie, delivered by impeccable actors, tell you why.If you have only seen this movie once, you are doing youself a disservice.And I assure you absolutely, you will never look at a simple 'fried egg' as anything simple, ever again (heh, in a good way).

Mr N (nl) wrote: To Kill a Mockingbird is an absolute classic and speaks a lot for what went down during its period it takes place. The performances are great and you learn some things from it.

Sanity Assassin (au) wrote: when i saw jack lemmon was in this i thought he's gonna be the reason to watch it but as doesn't often happen i was wrong. judy holliday totally stole the show as gladys glover. she's up there with katherine hepburn and helena bonham carter in my opinion even though i've only seen her in this. the facial expressions the great prescene. she made this film work. don't get me wrong... jack was his usual great self but just didn't end up being the centerpiece here. very enjoyable feel good romance with some great acting

Matt G (us) wrote: Another one of Richard Curtis's charms, surprising not a Rom-com but it still has romance fixed in this ensemble of a film, with a amazing selection of cast, from Hollywood legend of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Brit film royalty of Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans and Nick Frost, Brit sitcom regulars Chris O'Dowd and Katherine Parkinson (happens to both be in the same show) and plenty more to delight a amazed audience, lets go back to when music was at its peak and explore Pirate Radio in such a charmful 60's based Comedy Drama about coming of age, the fight of shutting Pirate radio down and go into see these men fuck around doing what they love most, Play music, have sex, smoke and live how they want to, this film is a true charm and a real tribute to music from the swinging sixes to on-wards.

Alex H (mx) wrote: The worst Star Trek film to date. The plot makes no sense, the effects are terrible, the comedy is unbearable, and watching it just feels like a complete waste of time.

Christos P (de) wrote: The story about Nicaragua's Civil War or How you can alter the reality... All time classic! 5 Stars for an EXQUISITE film...

Claudine J (it) wrote: With all the elements required of a real keeper. Only missing a tick on the soundtrack, most of which is great; I want to turn pianos into firewood sometimes. PLEASE somebody stop filmmakers from sentimentalizing our emotions with tinkly piano. Love Barry Corbin & Hal Holbrook on the porch. Now if they'd just let women do scenes like that without plastic surgery. *sigh*