After the sudden death of her dad, Sameer, and mom, Preeti, Sahila goes to live with her grandmother and cousin in Bombay. Years later, now fully matured, she returns home to Chandanagar to live with her uncle, Mahendra Pratap, and cousin, Jasmin. This is where she will be exposed to a resurrected evil witch, Nikita, who has manifested herself in the body of Jasmin. Aided by a priest named Baba, she is determined to kill each and everyone of the remainder of the Pratap family members. And there is no known power on Earth that can stop Nikita.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   voodoo,  

A beautiful young girl, unfortunately possessed from her childhood by a vengeful spirit, wanders around lonely places to seduce and kill people and thus, gradually becoming lost into a dark world of revenge and lust. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaimaa S (ru) wrote: Forrest Gump, only a bit more sentimental ... a bit more personal!

Akshay M (us) wrote: What a delightful and charming romantic comedy. Audrey Tautuo was fabulous, just couldn't keep eyes off her, her expressions and acting was just fantastic.

Arun K (fr) wrote: A very good, mature script. Good to watch. I think, this the only movie Ash has acted well apart from HDDKS.

Jamie S (us) wrote: Gotta love shit crocodile films but this one stands out!

LUC D (ag) wrote: Well deserved Oscar for this movie. I like watching movies who happened in the years '20.

Steff A (jp) wrote: A fine picture by the Tavianis. This is really a shepherd's drama with the main character being one and trying to escape this destiny. The one factor and person keeping him tied to this destiny is his father. The titular padre padrone. The film offers some beautiful images and strange events of a shepherd's life both as a child and a twenty year old man. Acting wise the film is covered by the naturalistic cast whose harshness match their surroundings. Standouts? Both Omero Antonutti as the father and Saverio Marconi as the twenty year old Gavino. The film's main issue is I believe the style. It is too straightforward and naturalistic while the picture at times isn't. There is a nice absurdism under the surface and in some sequences it really shines. Overall this is one to watch and appreciate for its naturalistic merits.

Jonathan B (jp) wrote: Directed by the same guy as Willy Wonka, if you can believe that.

Pavandeep S (fr) wrote: One of the more unique of the yakuza movies, really offers a slice of the obsessive and lonely directioneless life of one man who becomes obsessed with this girl but then not entirely. The protagonist was particularly gripping all throughout.

Kevin R (us) wrote: Fold your hands or I'll fold them for you.A private eye is sick of dealing with low lives and following up on gruesome murders and retires to the country; unfortunately, trouble finds him leading him back to the city. He gets split between two women and a plan that will net them all a lot of money. He needs to string both dames along but he may not be as slick as he thinks."Don't you believe me?"'Darling, I don't care."Jacques Tourneur, director of Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, City in the Sea, Frontier Rangers, Wichita, Curse of the Demon, The Leopard Man, and Phantom Raiders, delivers Out of the Past. The storyline for this picture is very well done and had a wonderful gangster feel. Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas played brilliant gangster rivals and Jane Greer and Rhonda Fleming played great supporting roles."You don't like to make any mistakes, do you Joe?""They don't let me make many."I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to DVR it when I saw the cast. This was a very well done mob movie with some great and unpredictable character interactions. This is definitely a gem worth seeing once but a hair short from being an all time classic."Joe couldn't find a prayer in the bible."Grade: B

David Z (jp) wrote: Very well written and directed movie. It kept my attention throughout. This movie definitely had passion, sorrow, joy, and friendship. Courage was also an element that was established in the movie.

Russell G (jp) wrote: It feels like a Saturday morning cartoon made for television. It feels like that, because it is three-episodes of a television show or a special three-part TV featurette. Instead of airing, Disney thought it could stand on its own as a straight to video effort. This is all about perspective. It is disappointing, short and stale as a movie, but fine as the start of a television show. You can feel where the commercials would be. It lacks the polish of the second Aladdin adventure, which was not bad. There is an obligated retreating of the first movie that a TV show would needs but not a movie. Why does Jafar need to return? The second movie wrapped him up nicely. If this were a true movie, I would rather see the familiar heroes facing a new foe. As a television show, Jafar needs to be in there. It is such a strange dichotomy. There is no return of Robin Williams as the Genie, which is disappointing. That could have injected some needed life into this as a standalone feature film. One thing I do like about it is the increased emphasis on the sarcasm and loudmouth humor of Iago. Overall, it is not bad but not special. It is apparent that this is a long Saturday morning cartoon. Taken for what it is, it is reasonably enjoyable for kids.