Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation

The Griswold family hits the road again for a typically ill-fated vacation, this time to the glitzy mecca of slots and showgirls—Las Vegas.

The Griswolds are off on a family outing to Las Vegas in this sequel. Poised to prove that even the best-laid plans can unravel into hilarious misadventures, the ill-fated family heads for hijinx, high times, high rollers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Briskin A (ag) wrote: One of the worst movies I ever seen in my life.

Cam D (au) wrote: Pretty much the comedy, girly and equally over the top version of Cloverfield. You have to be a woman to really appreciate the crude humour in this.

Joshua T (es) wrote: While A Letter to Momo can feel occasionally slow at times (especially in the first 40 minutes), the film soon picks up considerably once the goblins are introduced as they are arguably the best part about this film. Seeing their shenanigans throughout the course of the film was downright hilarious at certain points (my favourite being the dance sequence). The humour is totally off the wall, but it really works and the goblins were very likeable characters. I also admired the amount of detail that was put in drawing the mannerisms and facial expressions of the characters, as we do see a bit more movement than most of the expressions from Ghibli protagonists.What was also great about the film was the amount of emotion the narrative had, particularly in the final act as you really felt the connection between Momo and her mother & father.Overall, A Letter to Momo is a solid coming-of-age Anime film with plenty of emotion, laughs and great animation to boot. I'm looking forward to buying the Blu-Ray and re-watching the film.

Drew M (au) wrote: My problem with Groundhog Day was that the main character's actions didn't seem appropriate. I'd be much more anarchistic - a la the characters in Repeaters. This movie has its moments, but is far from a masterpiece. The biggest moral questions - how many evil deeds are tolerable if none of it will matter tomorrow - remain unanswered; why is armed robbery okay while rape is not?

Sarah H (au) wrote: If the title doesn't make you wanna see it, it actually should. It starts out pretty much with the gore and then just has more and more. It even has a quick origin story to let you know where the Zombies started. As long as you like Zombie movies you will like this. I just wanted more.

Murong B (us) wrote: This movie is probably great for people who are fans of the artists or songs, but not so much for the general movie watcher.

Nat A (mx) wrote: An in-depth film/documentary about the fascinating and perplexing impact of Marley's music and iconic persona. His life and and his following still leave vibrations on today's society that are incalculable. It was dissected thoroughly and thoughtfully enough to solidify this documentary well.

Tanner B (br) wrote: Summer Love (Aka Dead Man's Bounty) (2007) ??Atrocious, smarmy Western about a silent drifter who arrives in greasy town where he is instantly--for no reason--picked on. He causes trouble and has the "law" chase him. You know where this is going. All that's missing is a lot of gratuitous sex with dozens of shots of full-frontal female nudity (Oh, wait. No, check), animal cruelty (check), about 30 or so bloody shootouts (check), and a "poetic" ending (double check). Quite possibly the worst movie ever made involving a horse. One merit: Sleazy bounty hunters with lots of hilariously awful dialogue. Where's Mr. Wayne or Mr. Eastwood when you need them the most!?

Tit M (fr) wrote: une des meilleures comedies francaises des dix dernieres annesdes dialogues ganiaux des scenes cultes

Tim M (gb) wrote: Overlong drama. Watched it just for Rodriguez. Watch Million Dollar Baby instead.

Peter H (au) wrote: A brilliant look at the war on cannabis. Very entertaining, too. In other words, get high before you watch it.

Roy C (us) wrote: It's no Fantasia, but I like Little Toot.

Chris S (mx) wrote: it starts out really good but seemed to lose my interest towards the end. i will say i love clark gable, though.

Tim G (gb) wrote: I very much liked escape from Alcatraz clint eastwoods performance as prisoner transferred to the rock is very good fred ward and jack thibeau play two other prison transfers later in the film who know eastwood and Patrick Mcgoohan plays the terrible warden of the rock