Vegetarian Cannibal

Vegetarian Cannibal

A medical horror of corrupt gynecologists and true events from Croatian hospitals that will shock the public.

A medical horror of corrupt gynecologists and true events from Croatian hospitals that will shock the public. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conrad T (kr) wrote: From a suspense movie point of view, a quick conclusion can be reached quickly that the passengers on the van are dead as soon as they noticed that there is no traffic nor any people. Chan tries to use that as a platform to pass on some political viewpoints reflecting the situation of Hong Kong.

Valerie B (de) wrote: Great acting and storytelling that takes a spin on memory lane for VM fans! Hope there's more!

Stephanie C (de) wrote: I liked this movie, but I have read all of the books so I had a better understanding of his character.

Dale L (de) wrote: Going into this movie you can't expect much with out being a B rate movie and bring a family affair. Directed by brother, starring brother and father. However, the concept of the movie was a decent one and if you can get past the amateur acting and weak dialogue, the movie certainly is worth watching.

Carla V (us) wrote: I love Bill Withers. Didnt know about his struggles and how humble he is. Lovely man.

Guilherme J (jp) wrote: Amador. No pior sentido da palavra.

Ricardo Martn P (kr) wrote: Better than what most people think.

Raine L (ag) wrote: The 1980's sure produce an incredible lot of Vietnam films (Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Garden's of Stone, Born on the 4th of July and Casualties of War, just to name a few)

Frances H (it) wrote: Although the acting in this film is good, I would never characterize this as a five star film. I've never understood the fascination audiences seem to have for underworld characters--they have no redeeming qualities and are certainly not someone anyone in their right minds would want to emulate. How is this entertainment? For me, it just isn't.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Jackson's life-long love of Kong seriously hindered the plot of what could have been a good movie. It's an hour too long & has a number of quite ridiculous scenes that go too far with the suggested 'love' between Kong & Watts' Ann Darrow. Despite brilliant production design & set pieces, the CGI (despite the technological advances) doesn't have the same "it looks like it's really there" wow factor that 'Jurassic Park' had 12 years prior. Acting-wise it's surprisingly only Jack Black who stands out for his performance as the foolhardy filmmaker. Despite making Kong's behaviour believable to a novice viewer, Jackson as ever drags the ending out a bit too long atop the Empire State, subjecting us to a number of close-up shots of the CGI gorilla looking dramatic (as if aiming for an Oscar nod for best actor). If you can bear sitting still for three hours then this film is definitely worth watching for the elements that work, but ultimately it fails to match up to 'Lord Of The Rings'.

Kendra E (ag) wrote: really awesome! Elvis is my home-boy! lol jk!

Tammy M (de) wrote: This was my first ever viewing of Hamlet, and I never realized that Shakespeare performed well is this entertaining! I doubt if I would have discerned half the humor and double entendres just from reading the text.So many famous sayings come from this play -- I wish I had watched this a long time ago!

Ryan S (kr) wrote: Stupid more often than funny. Mildly amusing.

Shane D (ru) wrote: A lot sappier than I remembered and it does stray into "lifetime movie" territory, but when its basic premise is firing - time travel, father & son solving an old string of homicides, etc - it's good stuff.

Russell H (it) wrote: not terrible but not as cool as it could have been

Bethany F (us) wrote: This movie was awesomely ridiculous! I reminded me of the same weird Humor of "Super Mario Bros" and "Howard the Duck" I don't care what people say about this movie, if was definitely not out there to be serious, but the actors meant their lines and played the surreal roles to the best of their abilities. Especially Shannon Tweed, she seemed to be the best actor in the whole film, and Adrienne Barbeau is a film veteran almost as we all know. I really wish that Adrienne Barbeau would have lost that ridiculous hairdo! I hate that hairstyle on her and she has it in EVERYTHGIN!!!! (Swamp Thing, Creepshow, even the Fog has a tamed down version of that poodle fro) Anyways, I thought the story line was really ridiculous (the government is running out of Avocados?) WTF??? But as the film progressed the story got a lot better the watch. Bill Maher was damn funny as Jim and Karen Mistal who played Bunny was hilarious, I would have loved to see Julie Brown in this type of role though. The Piranha women reminded me of reject warriors from "Red Sonja" or "Barbarian Queen" I have no idea who the one Piranha girl who got a lot of screen time but had like.. 4 lines was. I suspect a super model, but ... she was boring to watch. I have to say my favorite part of this film is when Margo is sharing her inner most feelings with Bunny who reveals her darkest secret, which is that she has a fetish for Licorice rope, spankings and Bolero, and the next morning Jim is singing Bolero and eating Licorice rope. I laughed my ass off! Plus the reason why the Piranha women and the Barracuda women have been divided for years was also so ridiculously funny. By the time the film was done, all I could do was laugh at how ridiculous this film was, but at least it left me with something. That I know Shannon Tweed is a pretty versatile actress, even though her sword fight with Adrienne Barbeau was so ridiculously bad I almost had to look away. Otherwise though this is a damn funny movie, and well worth a watch for a few giggles.