VeggieTales: Dave and the Giant Pickle

VeggieTales: Dave and the Giant Pickle

The Biblical story of David and Goliath, with a cast of vegetables.

The Biblical story of David and Goliath, with a cast of vegetables. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


VeggieTales: Dave and the Giant Pickle torrent reviews

Paul D (br) wrote: Despite being one of the slowest paced entries in the series, it does have a slight edge to it. I understand that this is only "half of a story" but it sure does get boring a bit too much for my liking. It's good, but not great.

disney f (kr) wrote: Yawn! Boring and stupid!

Jill (us) wrote: Sounds like this would be a pretty good movie..The poster for it surely looks freaky..

Art S (au) wrote: A very loosely defined plot (with I believe fully improvised dialogue) is just an excuse for beautiful landscape photography, shot in the Great Salt Lake, Death Valley, and somewhere in Argentina. Matt Damon and Casey Affleck are lost, but really they are just figures againt the ground. Gus Van Sant constructs his film as a sort of drone, long (perhaps seemingly interminable) shots with little dialogue but much beauty, interspersed with a few episodes (Affleck stuck on a rock, notably). The minimalist music comes from Arvo Part. There are some stunning sequences here that can make you feel alive and then, in keeping with the plot (as it is), some that are more ominous. View this as an experimental film, if you have the patience, and reap its rewards.

Jeremy O (br) wrote: Igby Goes Down has a smug sense of insight (on account of its incredibly well-written script), but it never loses sight of its characters' humanity, effectively setting up a wonderfully layered plot with deft performances from a perfect cast.

Maria B (fr) wrote: saw it on TV and want to watch it again

Nathan C (mx) wrote: Completely Dull And Corny!Despite the fact that this movie had no CGI but amazing soundtrack. And Finally overall it's not as bad as i thought, Still Bad, At Least Robert patterson is in Harry Potter 4 playing the most Likeable character Cedrick Diggary!Score: 3.5/10

Jan K (mx) wrote: Okej fr den uppenbart lga budgeten och det uppenbart dliga skdespeleriet, men det kan nd inte bli bttre n shr. En solklar favorit!

D M (ru) wrote: Not as good as its predecessor, King Solomon's Mines, but it will give you your Indiana Jones fix. Allan Quatermain is reluctantly planning on leaving Africa in order to go to America and marry Sharon Stone. He learns of his brother's disappearance in deepest darkest Africa, so he postpones his marriage in order to search for his bro with the help of James Earl Jones. Good chases and like its predecessor, a very unapologetic look at the nastiness that is Africa.

David J (mx) wrote: Annasophia Robb does a great job, and we get to hear Carrie Underwood sing. The surfing is pretty good too.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: I liked the premise of the movie, in that a man seemingly out of Marisa's league would want to be with her (an underdog type move). But that is the extent of my liking this movie. Let me begin...First off, and this is my preference, is that Jennifer Lopez isn't much of an actress and her acting distracts me greatly. I see Jen, I dont see Marisa or the character she is suppose to play. She is just way too Jen.Secondly Ralph F, who plays the politician who falls in love with her just seems devoid of any emotion. He can not portray what he is feeling all too well, I think. That distracted me also, how bland he seemed.Thirdly, they didn't seem to mesh well, the love interests. They did not have much chemistry.Lastly, the way they met seemed way too forced and unnatural. I know she is a maid, I know she cleans rooms, I know I know, but she giving into to peer pressure and wearing a guest's coat in their own room? I wasn't feeling that at all. She is a grown, responsible, working woman in a prestigious hotel, and she listens to her coworker/friend (who is greatly annoying I think) to wear and touch people's things. It seems out of line and not realistic. Ay other way I think would have made her meeting the politician more affective.A bright spot in the movie is Marisa's son Ty. The child who plays him is very adorable and memorable, though I don't think he is an amazing actor either. But he has great potential I think and has years ahead of him to refine his raw talent. Also, I feel the world they were in was way too small, like it was only Marisa and Chris, and whatever they did seemed of no affect to the outside world. If there was more outside scenes, more extras who pointed them out, more outside world interaction, the secret relationship would seem more scandalous, more important, more affective. But, it seemed, small and introverted. The supporting cast I think filled the roles pretty well. I would not really watch this movie again, although I wish I did, especially if they reworked it with the things I pointed out and perhaps different actors and actresses to fit the roles (no Jen or Ralph, sorry.)