VeggieTales: Lyle, the Kindly Viking

VeggieTales: Lyle, the Kindly Viking

Oh, my! Determined to present something "classy" for a change, Archibald Asparagus has taken over VeggieTales! Assisted by those rascally French Peas, Archibald aims for new heights in veggie programming by attempting to produce "the world's first all-vegetable staging of Shakespeare's Hamlet," the first-ever "Classy Songs with Larry," and for the grand finale, the world premiere of what he believes to be Gilbert and Sullivan's lost musical: Lyle the Kindly Viking! Of course, working with the French Peas as assistants is a recipe for disaster and in the chaos - and hilarity - that ensues, Bob, Larry, and Junior all learn a great lesson about sharing. Archibald, on the other hand, mostly just learns to never again work with the French Peas. Don't miss Junior Asparagus as "Lyle the Kindly Viking" in this hilarious VeggieTales musical adventure! Your whole family will sing - and laugh - along as they learn that "sharing gets us more of what we really want - friends!"

When Archibald Asparagus takes over VeggieTales, he does this episode in a classy way. The "Silly Song with Larry" involves takes place in the thirties, with Larry trying to protect his top... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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