VeggieTales: Sumo of the Opera

VeggieTales: Sumo of the Opera

Bob and Larry get a letter from Maria. She has to draw a picture for school and it's taking it's too long. She wants to quit, but her mom says she should finish. Pa Grape comes over with an old film, Persistence and You, which makes no sense. Bob shows the story Sumo of the Opera. We learn the importance of persevering and finishing what we start

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:japan,   parody,   piano,  

When Larry goes out of town during production to help some needy kids, he runs into trouble. Frustrated, he calls Bob to say that he's giving up and coming home. Bob and "Lutfi" (a small ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


VeggieTales: Sumo of the Opera torrent reviews

Torian T (au) wrote: Pretty good fight choreography but the attempt of having a deep storyline backfired and made me less interested.

Katherine S (ca) wrote: It made me cry like a lil kid. Love it though. Rec for everyone.

Naomi P (es) wrote: brutal & intense movie with some disturbing performance by ryuhei matsuda as kujo!

Sarah L (es) wrote: Don't forget Jason Priestly! He's hilarious too. But I haaaaaaaate the cover art.

Marina M (br) wrote: Perdi o interesse a partir da terceira parte... MUITO parecido com 'Por Um Fio' tbm

Djeimes K (ru) wrote: Best drug movie ever...Darren Aronofsky is a genius...

Ian F (de) wrote: So the best part of this camp is the camp. That and seeing Hilary Swank in her first film, Ben Affleck, and David Arquette. It doesn't work with the TV series, obviously, and it is awful. But it kinda works because it is nothing but camp!

Bjorn O (fr) wrote: Den perfekta svenska actionfilmen, Mannen frn Mallorca r ochs minst lika bra.

Leonardo Malacay S (it) wrote: El arte de esta pelcula es genial y la historia resulta interesante

Daniel F (fr) wrote: A strong start for a complex and amazing director. The beginning of Tarkovskian style.

Timothy J (kr) wrote: Never saw as a kid. Curious. I can't believe this has made classic status. I know these films are dated. But the movie just seems incoherent. I don't think I would have cared for this even as a kid.

John B (ag) wrote: This Greer Garson's pinnacle and Walter Pidgeon is just along for the ride. I always find it interesting that the actor who plays her son here ended up becoming her husband in real life. It is certain propaganda for the war effort but nonetheless a good film.

Noel T (mx) wrote: Chuck Norris in one of his greatest acting ! Nice dialogs, Exciting combats, ''Transformations'' Over the top ! this is the Chuck at his best !

Austin G (au) wrote: This film has a strong first act, then loses itself in the second and third.

Doug H (ag) wrote: Don't take yourself or this movie too seriously! Over-the-top on purpose but a fun ride from beginning to end