Velikiy uteshitel

Velikiy uteshitel

The Great Consoler is Lev Kuleshov’s most personal film reflecting both the facts of his life and his thoughts about the place of the artist in contemporary reality. It was the only film in the Soviet cinema of those years that raised the question of what role a creative person played in society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muhammed S (ca) wrote: I would rate this lower but the director intended of portraying tributeto films like Blair Witch, which I got but there was nothing impressiveor original that would make this film memorable. The whole found footage thing was well not at its best and I would've expected more chills and thrills in this format with more of an active crew. A good attempt but didn't get the job done. This was more of a tribute film thana horror movie, and simply put the whole hillbilly vampire child thingdidn't make sense at all. This is a movie you could avoid and nevereven know you missed something. Better luck next time boys. I do agree with a review I read about this film that it should've been a normally shot endeavor rather than food footage, yes it would've changed the complexion of this movie greatly.

Ed C (mx) wrote: One line summary: Full of sound and fury, signifying less than nothing.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aliens invade the SW USA. They make sounds like 1950s aliens, most specifically, the sounds in War of the Worlds, 1953. Characters named Brad Raybury and Joni Mitchell? Good grief. Soon enough, the story centers on survivors are Marissa, Anders, and Roger, with no resources to speak of, and no plans. They have long arguments about what food is common, and what is not. These folks are pointless. They care more about bickering than about surviving. Later they join up with Sera and Tiffany. This is a tough one. Should I root for the powerful, effective aliens or the feckless, lame moronic humans?------Scores------Cinematography: 2/10 Some of it is bad; much of the rest is really bad. The found footage parts were as atrocious as expected.Sound: 2/10 Terrible. Leveling was done by someone who hates audiences. Acting: 0/10 Terrible. All the performances. All the characters are unlikeable. There are too many absurd arguments about ridiculous non-issues. If one is going to have a mostly eastern European cast, why not film in eastern Europe to save money?Screenplay: 0/10 Very stupid dialog. Rips off War of the Worlds and Skyline rather openly. The depictions of ultimate stupidity (Woman asks for water. Man forces a cup of bleach down her throat. Man gets excited; does not know why the woman is suddenly in acute distress.) were fairly convincing. How are such lame, incompetent people to make any progress against the aliens? Cell phones work during this invasion? Not for long. The military hands out heavy weapons to civilians? Nope.SFX: 0/10 Incredibly bad. One of the worst jobs I have ever seen, beginning to end.

Vikas A (fr) wrote: Something new that is coming out of vishal has a good plot that carries t the story and great performances. It's a movie that makes you laugh but also has a story...

Eunhae Grace H (es) wrote: sick action, SICK!!!

Andrew P (mx) wrote: Wasn't that bad. It was okay. I was interested from the begining to the end.

Private U (nl) wrote: Bra film...mange supre biler hehe

Fran T (br) wrote: Awesome movie - funny!! i watched this film only last year, and this film has a humor that no film has today


Sandy J (ag) wrote: As GDT is one of my favorite directors, I have no idea how I didn't know that he did this movie. That said, I watched, I LOVED, and then at the end, found out that this is a GDT movie. Holy Carp, I was thrilled. By that time, I had my mind made up. This is NOT a ghost story, this is a story about a protagonist who sees ghosts. This is a gothic thriller romance story, with spooky stuff!!! Its totally GTD. Much love for this flick, his vision, and the gorgeous view. XOXO GDT