Two Swedish business men are kidnapped in Rome by the Mob, and moved to Sicily. Carl Hamilton is sent to Sicily on direct order from the Swedish Government. He is sent to negotiate for their release. Hamiltons partner and best friend, Lundwall, is murdered by the Mob. Hamilton is dragged into a bitter and brutal vendetta between himself and the Mob-leader Don Tommaso.

Two Swedish business men are kidnapped in Rome by the Mob, and moved to Sicily. Carl Hamilton is sent to Sicily on direct order from the Swedish Government. He is sent to negotiate for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vendetta torrent reviews

Kara H (jp) wrote: Wouldn't have been as good if it wasn't actually based on a true story. Where are they now is the real question.

Paul D (ru) wrote: This is a Nazi based story that uses a religious minority and location not often seen on the big screen. It's certainly an interesting enough story because of this, but it's also a very well made period drama that aims to break through modern perceptions of religious divide.

Ty H (au) wrote: I absolutely love this movie! I'd force all my friends to watch it.

AlSameer C (au) wrote: The Incredible Hulk, while a weak and slightly unnecessary follow-up to Iron Man, is fun and will entertain hulk fans of the source material. Edward Norton is a good hulk, the final action scene is enjoyable, and there is fun to be held. The movie is bland with some dumb scenes and slow moments. This movie can only be for Hulk fans or people who have a happy feeling. You might feel disappointed if you were looking for a masterpiece.

Elle M (kr) wrote: This film made no sense, had no scares and amazingly bad effects. What just happened? I can never get those two hours back!

Michael S (us) wrote: This British entry into the Thriller genre has a decent enough premise, but fails to follow through. The acting was pretty bad, with horrible characterization. The best actor, I think was the punk that got the firecrackers up the butt. Beyone that, I'm wondering how these actors managed to get into the industry. The only reason this movie even gets a single star is because Fiona Horsey, had a nice butt.

Linda L (jp) wrote: I thought it would be a really bad movie, but i kindalike it. A bit foolish though.

Daniel C (de) wrote: The Coen Brothers demonstrate their wide-ranging abilities in this cultural touchstone.

KJ P (de) wrote: Over ten years ago marked the release of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, and while many people rank it among his absolute best films, I am here to discuss why I believe it falls nicely in the middle. When it comes to Tim Burton films, they can be very hit or miss for me. From amazing films like Edward Scissorhands or Ed Wood, to downright awful productions in either 2001's Planet of the Apes or the luke-warm reboot in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Some fans go crazy when he announces a new film, but I have had to see for myself upon every one of his releases. He is a very talented director that decides to go a little too bizarre at times. That being said, Corpse Bride was, and still remains one of his greats.Following Victor, an introverted groom-to-be, as he practices his vows on the night before he is to be married, he accidentally practices on a rotting corpse in the woods. Thinking she is his wife, the corpse rises from her grave and begins to act as though they are married, thus upsetting his bride-to-be. This premise is original in every sense of the word, even by standards set by many of Burton's films of the past. Exploring stop-motion animation through Laika studios before they became as well known as they are today, this technology was masterful for its time and has only improved with age. There is absolutely nothing ordinary about this delightfully whimsical animated film.With films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton has proven that he may go a little too far when it comes to crazy visuals, but then again, people love having his stamp on certain projects. For me, when you stylize your film it becomes your own, but there is only so much you can do before it becomes a cluster of visuals, set in motion by a director who cannot control him or herself. Corpse Bride teeters on the edge of being a little too "Tim Burtony" (for lack of a better term) in my opinion. From its dark tone, to its voice cast, to its bizarre narrative style, everything about this picture screams Burton. In my opinion, it does slightly harm the overall film.While I do not believe a director should hold back on their vision of a film, there does come a time when style over substance takes away from the core story. Corpse Bride does go all out in a few scenes and I found myself enjoying the visuals more than what had been happening in certain scenes. That being said, the story is loveable enough to distract you from becoming too distracted. An auteur filmmaker can do whatever he/she pleases, but over the years, the love for Tim Burton has definitely got into his head. He has become a little full of himself and I believe this film was his last truly great film. I always believe that a director should follow their vision, but when it may become a little much for some audience members to handle and you plan on making it a wide release, maybe a few considerations should be taken into account.Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are terrifically cast as the voices of these characters, matching their mannerisms in almost every conceivable way. The characters are really what sell this film for me. Even though they are clay figures places into a stop-motion film, I believed this story was possible, in some sort of alternate reality. This is a very well-made film with an intriguing screenplay from start to finish, filled with inventive sequences and a perfect conclusion to this simple, yet clever little story. Corpse Bride may not be one of my favourite films by Tim Burton, but it is certainly a great one. Highly recommended for Burton fans who have yet to see it.

Nikki A (jp) wrote: all star cast, but with dialog so poor, they weren't given much to work with. the story had potential.

Simon D (mx) wrote: Not bad really, expectations were low but this does have it's charm and some nice quirky jokes.

bill s (kr) wrote: They should have just kept this in the comics.

Patrick W (jp) wrote: one of the best samurai films ever if you like anything kurosawa did check this out its amazing

Adam S (es) wrote: Hecht/Preminger Fox Noir, reteaming the director with his "Laura" stars, Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney, with Andrews as a sullen, violent detective with a bent on taking down a slippery gangster (Gary Merrill), that proves endlessly difficult.

David T (it) wrote: Shrek Forever After was the only one which teached me we have to appreciate each moment of our lifes... Em, CARPE DIEM and talking about it I have to say that was far better than the third, but now as well as the second nor first one.