Special ops interrogation officer Jimmy Vickers (Danny Dyer) tracks down a gang who slaughtered his parents while at the same time avoiding being tracked down by his old unit and the cops. With police closing in and his old unit on his trail, he has to evade capture long enough to complete his gruesome crusade.

Jimmy Vickers, a soldier returnes home when his parents were killed brutally. Instead of letting the police investigate, Vickers quietly find out clues a notoriously brutal gang who killed his parents and he swears to revenge though faces with a terrible fight with them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jay n (kr) wrote: Unbelievable but inoffensive nonsense. Sonja Henie was never much of an actress but she's personable and skates well of course and Richard Greene is extremely good looking if bland. The real attraction of this is the supporting cast. Joan Davis is funny as Sonja's roommate, Buddy Ebsen goofy as her beau and a rare chance to see Gypsy Rose Lee, billed as Louise Hovick, on screen.

Deb K (gb) wrote: This movie left unanswered questions. You never find out why the kid did what he did. They never showed the whole clip of the video that was shown on the news. It was an OK movie, but I thought it would be a little better than it was. Overall not a BAD movie. But could have been better.

Ricardo H (ru) wrote: IF YOU'RE INTO...this kind of movies, then by all means, you probably found it much better than I did. I thought it was simply stupid. I made myself watch it because I wanted to figure out what I was thinking when I decided to put it on my list of movies to watch. The preview must have been mighty good. The movie was not horrible but it was like watching an extended episode of some trailer trash park TV show

Joseph A (us) wrote: unnecessarily obtuse narration for a politically heavy-handed story

Steph S (au) wrote: Im not interested in the storyline.

David T (au) wrote: There is no way you cannot enjoy the performances given in this movie. Dan Akroyd, John Belushi and a ton of other faces you will recognize. Released in 1981, 1941 is centered around the hysteria created around WWII in the U.S. but in a VERY witty and comical way. Lots of fun! It did not do well when released,as far as box office revenue. However, some of the humor was frankly above many people's level of morality in 1981. I liked it then. I like it now.

Andrew F (mx) wrote: It's an oddity. Jack Black is miscast. I liked the first 45 minutes. Then it gets a bit pretentious, 'cos we have to be told that the quest for the Gorilla is like Heart of Darkness. Then we have to forget about all that because now Jackson wants to give us an hour's CGI-fest for the hell of it.Billy Elliot, who has never handled a weapon, turns out to be the world's only marksman with a tommy gun (even if you wouldn't look at him twice in this movie, he is pretty superb in Nymphomaniac vol II).Currently the gorilla is looking at the sunset, down in the dumps after having had both arms bitten by Tyrannosaurus Rexes, and a midget is trying to cheer him up by juggling. I'd have knocked her over the fucking cliff-top.So then we get back to New York and the temperature is 10 below and Naomi Watts is more skimpily clad than Marilyn Monroe in Florida, but it doesn't matter, because Naomi is more in love with the Gorilla than he is with her. That's good, because otherwise the wind up the Empire State building is going to play havoc with her nips. Mind, he kills or maims half a dozen platinum blondes looking for her, which kind of dilutes the beauty tamed the beast message. But the real message is that Jackson wants some platinum blonde to love him, big ugly gorilla that he is. Maybe you should eat fewer pies, Peter.

Filippo V (au) wrote: Esagerato sotto ogni punto di vista, questo sequel del famoso 300 non riesce a replicare le emozioni provate con il primo film. Il nuovo protagonista, con una performance accademica e senza cuore non si avvicina neanche lontanamente al personaggio di Leonida. Visivamente il film ricco di slow motion e primi piani che ricordano lo stile del primo capitolo, ma il tutto farcito con degli effetti speciali imbarazzanti. Ci nonostante, anche se il film pieno di problemi sotto ogni punto di vista, il suo stile unico riesce a portare un po' di sano e temporaneo divertimento.

Donnie B (ca) wrote: This is more like the sketch of genius: a preclude. Still, it's certainly worth the time invested.