Veneno que tú me dieras

Veneno que tú me dieras


By a misunderstanding two employees of a pharmacy, Alberto and Juan, delivers rat poison to a client. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Atheer O (au) wrote: I never imagined a film involving zombies and romance would work in this hilarious way. Very clever executed!

Dusty C (ca) wrote: A very sweet lighthearted modernized version of Snow White. Amanda Bynes is really sweet and adorable in the starring role.

Christy Durr (br) wrote: The greatest love story, it is one of my all time favorites

Robert I (gb) wrote: Not half bad Disney film from the Clinton era. Plus, Sinbad. Who doesn't miss him?

Chris W (fr) wrote: "Demonic Toys" is the most boring horror film I've seen. The surprising thing is that it's written by David Goyer who worked on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight! You have to be really bored to get some enjoyment out of this waste of an hour and a half. Not recommended.

Kyle M (de) wrote: Those who are more familiar with the idol and the casting, they'll find this film more enjoyable for them than those who doesn't apply to those familiarity. It's although still enjoyable (a little boredom might happen during the first act to few) to those outside the group when they find it well-performed with talents like any other biopic of a musician you get to know about when watching. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Pierluigi P (it) wrote: Far from Truffaut's best films, but still a very nice and funny recollection of the romantic and ultimately sad story of a daring womanizer in the search for the meaning of love.

Nathan C (de) wrote: This is a bad original, Not Scary, Just a place of my boredom.It was shocking, Not Nice, Hellish, Crude, Stupid, Unpredictable and sad.I don't know why directors have the ability to seek in a movie with an original saying it does well, It's Completely unnecessary.Not Good Soundtrack and Awful Script.Chloe Grace Mortez's acting in other movies are way and far off better than what she did in this. Julianne moore is played by the Bitch nut job mom that Sadly she does well in, This is worse than Total Recall, Now I hate Remakes.Score: 3.5/10

Gianluca P (au) wrote: Maybe a little bit slow, but a surely well shot movie, supporting a sick and tough story. Particularly good the actress acting as Solange.