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Vengador torrent reviews

JohnnyLee T (jp) wrote: Of course it's a parody but it does need to be funnier. And why is the whole cast attractive and white? To begin the movie with direct-to-camera is daring - but a mistake. Pity there is really no character development, especially in a movie about writing! It's all very safe. But then again, if you like literature and especially parody you might get a chuckle or two.

Bryan P (jp) wrote: When the lights went out sees a couple and there daughter move house in the 70s. Soon they learn they are not alone in the house as strange things occur in the house. Things start getting worse and they venture into seeking professional help. True story set in Pontefract

Wade H (ru) wrote: When this movie came out, I was in Elementary School (I'm in high school now), and this movie was THE BOMB! Everyone in my third grade class wanted to see this movie, and if you have, you were one of the cool kids. What with how "edgy" the movie was, what with the Victoria's Secret scene and the cussing, it was a big deal if you were allowed to see it. That's how big the movie was.Now that I'm in high school, and am watching this movie again, I now notice all the stereotypes, the Kevin James clich (C)s, the many fat jokes, the plot holes. So here's what I have to say... I STILL LOVE IT! And I still wish for a bloody Segway!Wade's Wating: B-

Nolan S (es) wrote: An outstanding informative documentary on legendary filmmaking genius, Stanley Kubrick!

Mike E (es) wrote: HORRIBLE. My eyes were bleeding.

Mvke S (au) wrote: Mmmm. What's that. Ohhhh, yeah. No, I haven't been there. Where. There where. There. Today. No tomorrow. Yes. Sure. Foliage

Willem V (it) wrote: One of the best Dutch movies ever! This one is so hilarious.

Bill B (gb) wrote: I continued the annual tradition with this past October's viewing of this classic and fully stand behind my original ratings for it."I finally got around to re-watching the bootleg I'd purchased, and this film was as much fun as ever. A perfect way to kick off my Halloween day viewing for this year, this set a fun and light-hearted tone for the day."A great 80's horror classic well worth tracking down, and I've even splurged on the Blu-ray at this point, which is awesome.Highly recommended.

Salvador S (es) wrote: Fassbinder creates a scapegoat-character, one that the society despises and eventually gets rid of through a process of self-clearance. Fox's journey is predictably tragic, and his devastation is such that in the end he even loses the will to live. The end scenes are sheer brilliance, chill that one feels down to the bone.

Nikola R (nl) wrote: jezivost i priklju?enija

Spencer H (mx) wrote: While Mean Streets isn't Scorsese's best, it's still an amazing film.