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Venganza torrent reviews

Natasha K (de) wrote: So awful it was AWESOME!

alex s (nl) wrote: It's a good movie but the humor is a little played out.

bill s (mx) wrote: Overly melodramatic tripe.

Julian T (jp) wrote: Such a fantastic B horror movie... It totally encapsulates the 'nature attacks' genre and 70's horror movies in general, as well as the ecological movement of the decade. It is seriously bad. And by seriously bad, I mean it is great fun to watch. I have to point out that all of the frogs this movie promises are actually toads.

James H (es) wrote: Rather ordinary film, Jim Brown is oddly cast. Raquel Welch does okay, Burt reynolds is easily the best in the cast. Not much effort on period detail. Uneven pacing. Some exciting scenes as well as some slow ones. Just average.

Cam D (ag) wrote: It's as satisfying as... a mediocre documentary.

Dan P (au) wrote: Loved the Herbie movies as a kid, good old fashioned family entertainment.

Dorian G (us) wrote: An interesting story, just too long and not as funny as I would have hoped. Sudekis was good, but just didn't have as many opportunities for laughs as I wanted. Watched on Netflix with Sam at my house, June 19, 2016.