Vengeance for Sale

Vengeance for Sale

In a world where vendettas are officially sanctioned, the people sometimes needed help in carrying out their vengeance. Sanada Hiroyuki stars as Sukeroku the Helper, a ‘cool and rambling yakuza’ that has made a business out of helping victims carry out their revenge. When he returns to his hometown to pay a visit to his mother’s grave he meets a deadly ronin who carries a secret which eventually leads him into a vendetta of his own.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Vengeance for Sale torrent reviews

Nitin G (ca) wrote: That about pursuing emotions/aims/desires, but with a question " Is at cost of anything?". Director perfectly knows what he wants to say and what all scenes he needs to convey his thought. Movie shows a reality of terrorism in J&K and how it has affected normal life there. This movie leaves lot of questions in my mind regarding the terrorism and the adaptation of people with it. "A wise decision" is all what we need to eradicate it, but it is being demanded at the age of tantrums...Movie is a personal choice...You may take it as a kid movie or ????

Jesus H (es) wrote: Wack. Meg had some funny moments. That was all

Mark D (nl) wrote: Moon docs are a dime a dozen and they have to distinguish themselves more than this boring and bland movie.

Amber N (kr) wrote: ...not fond of the ending. It needed a better storyline as well.

Marc L (de) wrote: To think imdb reviews were a big difference hahah

Matthew B (gb) wrote: The most surreal movie I've ever seen, by freakin' miles.It's the only movie I've ever been to where the projector broke down half way through - and no-one noticed.

Oliver B (br) wrote: from the daughter of David Lynch, got bad reviews but I kind of liked it.

Kedeja B (it) wrote: I love this movie cause my husband is in it!!!

Paul D (gb) wrote: Watched this by a chance reccomendation. Instantly became one of my 3 favourite movies.Went on to watch other Kusturika movies, and this is his best.A strong character movie, often chaotic, a gypsy village live on emotions and impulse, all seek to get one over on each other. Jockeying for position in an often surreal tale that uses dark humour and strategic pulls on your heart strings to take you ion a very original ride. Certainly worth your time.

Michael H (it) wrote: Funny and exciting science fiction film.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Excellent film. Ignore the RT 46% rating and watch it then make your own mind up.

Raymond C (de) wrote: If you are a dedicated Christopher Reeves Fan?

Scott C (ru) wrote: This movie is about teenagers with no parents in New York. New York is a very small city in which only a few main characters live. They only like bands that no one has ever heard of, which makes them cool. Nick and Nora are cute together because all of their friends are either crazy, drunk, angry, stupid, condescending, or gay. High schoolers in New York are apparently regarded as independent adults, because they all go to clubs, drink, score, and play "gigs" in their personal bands, which no one has ever heard of, so they're cool. Nora punches Nick in the throat for no apparent reason, and then they make out. She's a virgin, but lets Nick get to third base within hours of knowing him. That's hot. Her friend is very drunk and sexually provocative, and she ends up lost in the city for most of the movie. Thank goodness for her that New York is so safe for cute provocative drunk high school girls with no parents. Nora looks after her and shares her gum. That's friendship.

Bob F (it) wrote: It takes 66 out of the 86 minute run time before we find zombies in Bob (billed as Benjamin) Clark's (Black Christmas, Deathdream, Christmas Story)'s comedic horror film. Luckily for me, I liked the first 66 minutes. The characters are written only slightly more than cardboard but the overacting charm of the "actors" and a cheesy but funny script keep things moving. Heck, there are even times when it actually has atmosphere. It feels like Night of the Living dead filtered through H. G. Lewis and Scooby Doo. Tom Savini is uncredited in his first film make-up job, and his zombies look pretty damned good, besides one featured zombie with a barely staying on eye appliance. Definatly worth the time for cheezy zombie fans such as myself.