Vengeance Is My Forgiveness

Vengeance Is My Forgiveness

In a small western town our hero Durango (Tab Hunter) delivers his prisoner to the jailhouse and then goes to the local saloon where the lady saloon owner Joanne has eyes only for him. But Durango only has eyes for his bride-to-be Lucy. Four masked men attack Lucy's father's farm and steal Lucy's dowry. They kill Lucy and her parents after the father strips the face mask from one of the bandits. A pocket watch is stripped from one of the bandits by Lucy's father and this is the only clue that Durango will have to revenge his love... With Joanne's help can Durango avenge himself?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   gunfight,   saloon,  

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Keenan S (de) wrote: Righteous Kill was...certainly an interesting experience...for all the wrong reasons. I wasn't expecting much of anything good to come from a film from the director of 88 Minutes and that it starred Al Pacino (Who hasn't delivered a good performance in years) and Robert De Niro (Who nowadays is only ever good when he appears in David O. Russell films). In terms of its actual quality, Righteous Kill is downright terrible and I should be giving it a bad score.So, why did I give it a 3.5/5? Well, it entertained me. Though, for all the wrong reasons. It's by far, one of the weirdest and wackiest cop dramas that has ever been made and I had a really good time with its crap-tastic entertainment value that it so graciously showered upon a B-movie fanatic like myself. It's so damn weird and wacky, that I couldn't possibly hate it, even if I tried.The film follows two cops: Turk and Rooster, who have been with the N.Y.P.D. for 30 years. The two have solved a number of murder cases together, and things went well for them, until a child murderer was acquitted of murder charges thanks to his girlfriend's false testimony. The two decided to frame this man for another crime, which they succeeded in doing.However, things have gone to shit when street scum suddenly start turning up dead with poems written about them and placed at the crime scenes. It seems as if a cop is involved (I won't spoil it, but it shouldn't take much to figure out who's behind the crimes because the film isn't exactly a competent mystery thriller). Now the two must figure out who is behind these crimes as more and more of them seem to happen, while also fucking around on their jobs, getting into spats with a rapper and drug dealer named Spider, and Turk also spending his free time fucking his girlfriend.The plot is an absolute mess in this film. The core mystery isn't exactly difficult to figure out (Even throwing in stupid red herrings), various scenarios feel very scattershot as they feel haphazardly patched together, the dialogue is hilariously awful at times (Like when a pimp is harassing one of his prostitutes when she says she's retired and he responds with, "What do you mean retired?! This is America!" before shoving her into a taxi to continue her work). It's also strange as to how the characters despite being police officers are absolutely terrible at their jobs (Stop touching evidence without gloves! And why are they always fucking around most of the time instead of doing any actual police work?). The plot makes the film almost feel surreal because of how poorly written and inept it is, but it's certainly fascinating to follow because of these reasons.The acting is also pretty bad, but at least it seems like Pacino and De Niro are having fun with their ridiculous roles as they seemed to be pretty aware of how bad the script was. However, there are times when they manage to deliver moments of genuinely funny humor into their roles. Though their performances are awful in a rational sense, they made the film entertaining to watch because of their performances and they also seemed to have an easy chemistry between them.Considering that the core mystery is terrible, the film makes up for those awful moments through pure stupidity. The characters are so ludicrous that they rarely ever seem human, there's some shameless sexual content and gory violence thrown in at times, bizarre themes about morals, and all the bizarre scenes the implausible characters find themselves in. It's certainly not boring thanks to all these stupid scenes and the film became quite fascinating to follow because of these reasons.If you love genuinely good thrillers or cop dramas, do not watch Righteous Kill because it is terrible in those categories. However, if you're a B-movie fanatic and you're up for something that will give you many hoots and what-the-fuck moments, Righteous Kill is definitely a fun film to watch in that regard.

Dimitris H (mx) wrote: Heard all this before. But it never gets boring. Having read 1984 helped...

MF J (ag) wrote: An honest sequel not really better or worse than the first episode. This isn't a great film but Angelina Jolie makes everything watchable so whatever....

Ken J (us) wrote: This is not just an entertaining movie, but a very meaningful movie about what is the price to pay for love.Both leads Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng are professional, and their theme songs are very meaningful.I you're fan of one of them, do not miss out this movie.

terry a (jp) wrote: very good crime film

Matt C (gb) wrote: Saw this movie accidently on TV a few years ago, then bought the DVD. Great british comedy about 2 modern robin hoods who con the rich and give to orphans. Since they're orphans, they mostly just keep the money! My kind of robin hood. Kinda cheezy at times with a real 90's feel, if there's such a thing, but the cons are brilliant, the characters are likeable, and the story's original. Sometimes comes on CBC late. Was reminded of it when I saw it there last week.

Mitch M (de) wrote: Old school movie from when I was a kid! Thought it was great then, not so much now, but it's ok.

ShawnRay M (nl) wrote: This is another case of remembering a movie more fondly that it actually is. I'm really not entirely sure why I have such a soft spot for the Manic Cop series as it really isn't that good. Still, with the remake craze still blowing up I feel like this would be a good franchise to explore... and possibly create something substantial along the way.

Greg S (nl) wrote: Probably more jarring had I watched this in the time period it was made. It felt so very, very 70's to me... because, well, it was. But even still, I must say: Peter Boyle was an incredibly underrated dramatic actor. This guy could be scary. Anyone who thinks his bag was comedy should definitely give Joe a gander.

Andy V (mx) wrote: Wow, this is a product of its times. Marilyn Monroe plays the most sexist charicature of a 1950s woman. Interested only in men for their money, and transparently using sex appeal to extract it from men. All of the conversations are about finding a man, even though she's engaged. What is redeeming about this film by today's standards? I have no idea.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Bad, but kind of liked it. The scene with Brooke cuddled up with her dad while the romantic song plays is all kinds of wrong, but whole movie is kind of a stretch. Ending was very unclear. I honestly couldn't tell if she went back to him or not. However, it's an 80's movie, albeit not one I ever watched at the time, being about 7 years old when it was released. Brooke was very beautiful and I did like her white dress, although I did wonder if they were actually intending it to look like a wedding dress!I had no idea James Spader was in this. Apparently Tom Cruise is too, although I couldn't pick him (probably a plus!). Very different to the "new" Endless Love movie, though there are similarities, of course. I enjoyed that, so I'm glad about that as it means I don't have to choose which is better.

Rangan R (es) wrote: You can't hold back forever your crush on someone.I don't know why it is underrated, probably that's a mistake. Because this is not your usual teen movie, but a different perspective tale and told in a quite exciting way. It was from the director of 'Robot & Frank', it is only his second film and he's now in my watch-out filmmakers list. Both the films were different genre and topic, and I totally loved them. This film was adapted from the book of the same name who wrote 'The Fault in Our Stars'. The film talks about a childhood crush and how long does it takes one to get courage to open his heart.Q short for Quentin, when he first time saw the girl named Margo, he has instantly fallen in love with her. But having differences over how to enjoy the life, they had drifted away. Until when the actual story begins in the final year of their high school. So Q finds some clues when Margo disappeared like usual, but this time he considers it seriously and goes after her to reveal his love. What follows is a road adventure and a mini twist in the tale.Great cast, but I think it is the Nat Wolff's best performance as the lead. The supporting roles were not here to just support, but participated beyond the usual. Cara Delevingne was not bad either, but her part was like in and out frequently. So overall it had best set of characters with uniqueness from one another. Which means don't expect a silly teen comedy, it was awesomely designed to impact all generations. So the entertainment is guaranteed.It is not just a romance between two, that is what I was surprised. The narration points out a one love story, but in the end you would end up watching a multiple romances. Something very refreshing and all the lines were very matured, which kind of feels like the real world stuff. I really liked the conclusion, proves why one should watch it. Whatever the others say, I definitely recommend it. A sweeter and a heartwarming teen film.8/10