Vengeance of the Zombies

Vengeance of the Zombies

An Indian mystic uses magical chants to raise women from the dead, then sends them out to perform revenge killings for him.

An Indian mystic uses magical chants to raise women from the dead, then sends them out to perform revenge killings for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rudy S (nl) wrote: What an incredible film. I should say this at the outset: the biggest pitfall is to judge this film with Hollywood (or even Western) aesthetics in mind. Calling this film "boring" is the symptom of a Michael Bay disease. Calling it "boring" presupposes that the film exists to entertain...which it certainly does not. When criticizing the film, we should pretend the filmmakers weren't even there. In fact, we really get the sense that there is no camera - you see what any other passenger would see. The fact that you don't see the Manakamana temple makes it all that more mysterious. What we do get from the film are pilgrims in the 21st century visiting a 17th century temple which represents an ancient religion. This is not a film that depends on whether or not the viewer "likes" it or not. What we see are many seemingly different passengers; however, they are, in a way, all made the same by climbing the hills in the cable car. We never see the temple. Westerners wouldn't believe there is a goddess there. But how can we know she isn't there?

Dan S (kr) wrote: I don't think ultimately it puts enough distance between itself and the films of Noel Clarke such as Adulthood and 4,3,2,1, not offering up enough neounces of why the youth are where they are and expansion on the impact on others not just themselces. That said it's still a very enjoyable film and does carry an edgier, darker tone than Clarke films generally and offers up its fair share of stylish shooting and realism, courtesy of superb first time performances and direction. The plot tries but dosnt quite escape a bit of initial blurring and hollywood-ism towards its finale, the disappearence of the narration after early on and rapped-over sequencing is for me personally a bit of a shame, as these were well put together and enjoyable, and gave the film a more unique edge. The soundtrack overall is excellent, very much look forward to the relase of that, as also the release of more from Ben Drew in the future of film.

Nick E (mx) wrote: With stunning visuals, and over-the-top violence, Sin City takes Frank Miller's beloved comic from page to screen.

Mr D (de) wrote: Steven Seagal in an action movie with loads of rap and Ja Rule flying being thrown around. It also has informant propaganda and Seagal doesn't even catch the head bad guy.

Mathew W (jp) wrote: When after 1990 was Burt Reynolds too busy to do anything?

Deven W (br) wrote: The cinematography is wonderful. This could have been the definitive King Arthur movie as they follow the lore to a T but.........some of the actors aint that great and its so foggy looking it gets annoying.

Chiara M (us) wrote: Oh kleine arme Sissi!

David S (fr) wrote: Solid melodrama from Lang that doesn't really pull any punches.

William S (ru) wrote: Smart, funny, showcasing Powell and Loy at their comic best. Really enjoyed it. Not deep, but lots of fun:)

Les E (us) wrote: The recreation of the 1906 quake is excellent. Sadly the movie is almost entirely centered around the romance of Blackie Norton and Mary Blake. This was lack lustre and the performances by the three brilliant leads were, for them, average.

Vikram T (au) wrote: i love the this film..ohhh also i have watched this movie many times..cause of the comedy..haha JOJO..lamo