Vennila Veedu

Vennila Veedu

Vennila Veedu is a 2014 Tamil film directed by Vetri Mahalingam. The film stars Senthil, Vijayalakshmi, Pandi and VJ Settai Senthil in lead roles.

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Wrik S (au) wrote: This is what a good modern Bengali movie is supposed to be like.. Nothing fancy, but people with logic and skill to put together something as visual as this.. Good entertainers aren't about something too dramatic, but just the basics done right..

Eric W (ca) wrote: it was supposed to be scary but ended up being unintentionally funny. the "monsters" looked like SNL actors. The thing that came out of the wall looked like the thing from tales from the crypt. i guess throwing flour on everyone's face is supposed to make them look like a ghost? the acting was awful. Glad I didn't pay to see this crapshoot.

Ludovico R (nl) wrote: There are highs and lows but any low in Woody Allen is still a lot better than what is around. The movie has wonderful actors in Allen, Davis, Mastronardi and Cruz and is highly enjoyable. There are some truly hilarious moments and i love how much Woody Allen knows cinema, in this case italian cinema across the decades. You can breathe the references and the atmosphere from many different auteurs and genres!

Russ B (au) wrote: 7/26/2015: It was a nice movie, but the only great thing about it was Patton. Such an amazingly beautiful woman.

Mark F (br) wrote: Slighty bizarre premise which didn't really engage me until the very end.

Justin B (us) wrote: The action is ok for a post-theatrical Seagal but it's still awful.

Paul M (kr) wrote: it was enjoyable. I feel like this should appeal to a more Broadway admiring audience. I watch the film and I see nothing ground break or remarkable about it. it just come off to me as an everyday average musical. and the fact that I'm not a Streisand fan shows that I may not have enjoyed it from the start.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: There's not a lot of oomph is this turn of the century Western about a sheriff's territorial hunt for a runaway Indian couple plotwise: it's pretty cut and dried. So what remains is how the work is completed, and therein is the charm. All the lead's do well in this character study that becomes a chase movie, the actors given space to not explain every character nuance to us, the photography's decent, wide vistas of rugged Western canyons. The music's period appropriate, and though the point of it all is pretty much a liberal take on a conservative time we're not beaten over the head with it over much. Me likey. Kudos to Susan Clark as well, an unsung actor for the most part, allowed to shine.

Deke P (kr) wrote: '66. Shelby (?) dragged me up towards Hollywood to see this.

Patrick V (mx) wrote: The thing about Charlie's Angels is how well it blends action and comedy. I loved it for that.

Russ B (it) wrote: 3/25/2017: Not as good as I remembered, but still an interesting horror film.