Venus in Furs

Venus in Furs

Two people with help of some friends explore their sexuality.

Female mistress and male slave caught in a circle of tension. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venus in Furs torrent reviews

Karsh D (us) wrote: stylish western as a man seeks revenge on those that killed his wife and son.

John H (ca) wrote: What on earth was Ben Kingsley doing taking on this role, so beneath him. U.K. title 'Death Watch '.

Brandon S (ca) wrote: David O. Russell's incredible work is hilarious, compelling, sexy, bold, and beautiful.

Drew W (mx) wrote: To an extent it was ok. Glad they called out the progressives on the GOP side too.

Addtiona A (us) wrote: Amazing, Ive watched this time and time again and I always cry with laughter. The humour is forced, ridiculous and absurd but it is defintely my cup of tea. For me its takes the overforced comedy of airplane or see no evil and hear no evil with a modern twist of rude, cruel and cringe. Making a movie that some will love, many more will hate. No matter what it is worth a watch.

Lester Y (nl) wrote: first movie in this series where i didn't get a feel of the country this was supposed to be from. it's definitely a swiss production, but for the most part it focuses on the horrors from the rest of the world (indonesia, kosovo, west bank). which sorta defeats the purpose of this exercise. anyway this was a good and extremely harrowing travelogue, and it delves deeper into the james nachywey psyche and MO than i expected. watch it on youtube

Daniel M (de) wrote: I don't understand the negativity of these reviews. Doctor Dolittle is tremendously fun and whimsical.

kyo 9 (br) wrote: this movie is crazy!! and I love it..

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Another J Depp movie that has eluded me!

Shareef B (us) wrote: I thought this was a classic.

Cecil A (gb) wrote: This was well funny when I saw it when I was just a child. Need to see it again soon as.

Yuri R (gb) wrote: Toho at it's finest! Beautiful miniature work. Amazing score. After watching the final battle, you can see where George Lucas, probably, got some inspiration for his climatic Battle of Yavin in the original Star Wars.

Jason H (au) wrote: Well while going through my movies I saw that I never reviewed it...rather than rewatch it...I'll give it 2 1/2 stars. It apparently wasn't very memorable but it wasn't memorably bad eighter.

Adam J (us) wrote: Favorite movie, love it.

Allen G (jp) wrote: It's not saying anything new and it's more than a little jumbled but, 'Maps to the Stars' has a great cast and Cronenberg is as good at showing ugliness as he ever has been. It's really just the darkest soap opera you'll ever watch but Julianne Moore, you say? Count me in. A very weird film but, at the same time, almost entirely conventional when it comes to its main themes, 'Maps to the Stars' is left in the unusual position of being both fascinatingly successful and equally fascinatingly unsuccessful. Ultimately, I think the cast save the day here and, if you can handle films that are firmly unpleasant, this one should be to your liking overall. A few less characters (maybe just a singular character study) would have done a world of good here and certainly the main themes could have used some re-imagining (celebrity culture or something, yawn).It's clearly a disappointment but I wouldn't call it a failure. Cronenberg's recent filmography remains unsullied for the moment, at least in my eyes anyway.