Balaji and Karthik are brothers. Unable to bear the torture of her husband (Jyothi), their mother commits suicide. Balaji being the elder one, takes care of his brother Karthik(Nani). Their well being is ensured by their neighbour who is a hoarding painter. Karthik grows up with Revati(Nitya), the daughter of that painter. Jyothi who is a broker and runs a prostitute house wants Karthik to handle his business. But Balaji keeps Karthik and Jyothi away. Vishnu who is the son of a mechanic is Karthik's best friend. He falls in love with Veena(Bindu Madhavi) a prostitute in Jyothi's business. To get Veena out of Jyothi's prostitution business,Vishnu agrees to deliver a drug packet given by Jyothi.He seeks his best friend Karthik's help in this operation. The rest of the story is on how Jyothi plays games with Karthik's life and how Balaji confronts him to save his brother.

We meet three friends living in the slums in the Chennai area. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Veppam torrent reviews

Takee A (it) wrote: A hilarious & enjoyable classic, with a really nice, original concept. I just wish I'd seen this film earlier! I was really looking forward to watching this movie after I saw the 2016 remake of this. I must say...both of them were undeniably fantastic!

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and a simple story with some superb music. and some really good performances. Makes it an overall great movie for all ages

kimbo s (br) wrote: terrible film. bad effects. there is a lot of bad acting. terrible special effects. the worst effects ever. who ever likes this film must be crazy. it is a load of rubbish.

Eric N (kr) wrote: a mixed bag. unique story. a lot like Ki-Duk Kim. fairly slow at times even for a character drama, and got weird at the end. could've been a little better but pretty cool at times.

Matt K (it) wrote: It's a movie about a kid that farts too much! And it's surprisingly great.

Josh S (br) wrote: I love Cate Blanchette and a nice suspense flick.

Conner R (kr) wrote: Disturbing in ways that fiction only fantasizes to be. To imagine living in an asylum like this is extremely terrifying. The home movie style filming of the inmates and guards really makes it evident how surreal and relevant this documentary is. The wide range of patients is probably the most interesting aspect, you have some who clearly need to be there and others that are being held captive and kept quiet. I can see why it was banned, obviously, sometimes the truth is just a little too much for people to handle. Any fan of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest should definitely check this out, it's truly magnificent.

Jon C (ca) wrote: I highly recommend this indie thriller. The performances of the two leads Nick Eversman and Spencer Treat Clark are worth the price of admission alone. It is a study of classism and injustice in an American small town. It is also s thrilling chase movie with a compelling, believable plot. Well shot in the redwood country of northern California.