Vereda de Salvação

Vereda de Salvação


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Vereda de Salvação torrent reviews

Robert H (nl) wrote: First off, why did it take me so long to learn about this film?Second, how did I not know about the first film? This is a sequel?What an amazing action/polical/thriller/drama!The story is amazing. The location feels fresh and new thanks to the fact it's not a Hollywood picture. The acting is perfect in almost every way. This is an extremely entertaining, fast-paced realistic looking film that only seems to falter a bit in the last quarter of the film.Highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a good foreign action film that isn't martial arts, asian, yakuza, or a period piece.Now to track down the first film!

Denis S (mx) wrote: Originally I would've given just 2 stars but after watching the tv show "Shadowhunters" I have to say this movie makes a lot of things better than the television adaptation. So I'm saying "still not good" but "better than the other one".

David W (kr) wrote: Another forgettable comedy

Sanjay S (mx) wrote: I was actually surprised with this movie. It was entertaining and worth the money.

Andrew F (au) wrote: A decent documentary. The message is good and I agree with mostly, however the film is a little boring.

Austin K (jp) wrote: great movie, great plot with unforeseen twist and turns. Pulls at the heartstrings!

Mark H (mx) wrote: a good friendly movie

Marisa R (us) wrote: Quite disappointed with this one. I couldn't even finish watching it because it is so SLOW! This is not good Indian cinema, the music is not catchy at all, the acting is lame and fake; I have been Jackie doing so much better. Too bad

Matthew C (fr) wrote: In Scream 3, a new ghostface killer is beginning to kill of the cast of the new stab movie in order to create his own real life Stab movie. Even though this movie has an interesting twist and tries to be different than the other films in the franchise, its twist is simply to outlandish to work. Overall, Scream 3 isn't bad, but it is the worst of the franchise.

jenna k (ca) wrote: lol . . i havent seen this movie forever

Sean O (au) wrote: This film has neither a ghost, nor a dog in it. Very disappointed.

Oliver N (ca) wrote: Agreeably stupid on almost every level - and the acting certainly isn't something to marvel over - Armageddon does not contain enough substance to make it commendable; but somewhere within the madness a pleasurable experience comes out and you feel better after you've seen it. Especially in comparison to the other 'dumber' 90s end of the world movies, it really isn't that bad at all.Verdict: B-

WS W (ca) wrote: Cheapy but campy, & funny.

Johannes F (es) wrote: The story is as far from the western mythological three act strtucture as it can get. It is just like in the Lone Wolf And Cub mangas. The main-character through out the entire film. In most Western films the hero is caught by the enemy and has to make a daring escap. In Hong Kong 97 he just kkeps on firing those bullets...

Brody M (gb) wrote: Had a couple funny moments here & there but I mainly found it boring

Justin A (mx) wrote: My new favorite sports movie, passing the tie between "Miracle" and "Coach Carter", this is a dark and stanchly realistic look at the corrupt championship Dallas Cowboys temas (ok, they don't call the team the "Dallas Cowboys", but c'mon, the inspiration is obvious). Great (not good) performances all around the board, particularly Mac Davis as the superstar quarterback who's only in love with himself. All football fans will love this movie, for the performances, the story, and the realistic directing of the locker rooms, practices, and games.

Greg W (au) wrote: good historical pic kinda departure from Cukor's usual movie fare.

Matt L (br) wrote: Can I say..."meh"? It's funny. It's kind of a clever plot. But I think the movie won't have been better without Adam Sandler. He tries to be Charming and sometimes it works. But it's the same thing he does in all his movies. Drew Barrymore delivered as excellent performance as the adorable girl whose memory resets every day of her life so that she forgets that the previous day ever happened. I'd make a joke about wishing I had the same problem so I could forget I saw this movie. But I actually found it pretty enjoyable. I'd recommend it.

Armando P (ru) wrote: Filled with humor and nostalgia.

(ru) wrote: Horrible movie, awesome final scene.