Five members of the Missing Persons Task Force investigate the mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Evi. While unraveling the girl's troubled relationship with her parents, which leaves ...

Five members of the Missing Persons Task Force investigate the mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Evi. While unraveling the girl's troubled relationship with her parents, which leaves ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy B (nl) wrote: Red Hook Summer starts out impossible to tell whether its largest flaw is in the corny dialogue, the abysmal acting, or the heavy, pretentious directing. As the movie goes on, you realize that is truly is a group effort.

Stephen C (it) wrote: If like me you were a big fan of Mesrine ,Carlos and The Baader Meinhoff Complex then this film has plenty going for it. Based on the criminal life of Renato Vallanzasca the film shos how he became a media celebity robbing banks and killing policemen. His gang are all a touch on the demented side and the robberys sometimes develop into farce as his crew have problems coping . Kim Rossi Stewart is great in the lead role ,i knew he would be as i had seen him in the film Romanzo Criminale which happens to be directed by Michele Placido as well. Unlike that film the story strand is focused and at times brutal as the gang carve thier way across Italy . The final third of the film is more a prison drama as we folow Vallanzasca around some of Italys Toughest prisons. The film is fine and shows again that the Europeans can match America in the action thriller stakes.

Anne B (ru) wrote: Un Ivan le Terrible tortur souhait! Les pelisses et trokas sont de sortie!

Juha S (kr) wrote: Not as good as the directors


Don S (kr) wrote: Daniel Craig is good as the unnamed drug dealer who gets in way over his head but learns to deal. The supporting cast is impressive as well. My knock on this one is the story itself. Hardly believable in any aspects. Lots of the louts would have been offed early on,but then there wouldn't have been a movie. The acting makes it worthwhile.

Danny S (nl) wrote: Beautiful period piece/ Very well acted and directed. I recommend it. Mild Caution: contains some sexuality/nudity, but it is not done to excite audiences, merely to propel the story forward.

Anthony C (it) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Anna N (kr) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

Todd B (es) wrote: If one can get past the initial incredibly depressing 45 minutes, one is in for a truly satisfying tale of family values, right vs. wrong, and nationalistic symbolism. Nargis is a powerhouse in 'Mother India,' and catapults it into the upper levels of Bollywood fame.This is one of the better paced Hindi films I've seen --- I actually wish the last half hour of the film could have been extended and thought it felt a bit rushed. One really feels the raw emotion coming from characters and the script while managing to forgo the melodrama that carries (or plagues, depending on who you ask) most Bollywood epics. And the climax? 'Mother India's ending simply has to be seen to be believed.

Rameshwar I (ru) wrote: Loud, over the top and Harrison Ford. Super fast paced movie and has all the ingredients of a commercial action thriller which works. Delivers exactly what it promises.Reviewed 2010

Eylem E (br) wrote: The team of thesp Tim Allen and helmer John Pasquin reunite for a third round of box office alchemy in the pleasant "Joe Somebody." Cleverly positioned just two days after "The Lord of the Rings'" opening, this benign, PG-rated venture should serve as ideal counter-programming for parents of younger children and families seeking to avoid long "Rings" lines. While the sheer glut of holiday product seems sure to keep "Joe's" grosses closer to those of 1997's "Jungle 2 Jungle" than to 1994's "The Santa Clause" (which remains Allen's highest-grossing live action pic), Fox can expect a comfortable ride through the holiday season with this agreeably commercial attraction.

Greg S (gb) wrote: Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen