Veronica (Lulu Mihăescu) is a flighty girl who lives in an orphanage. At the age of 5 years old, fairy godmother gives her a bag charm, who can fulfill every requirement.

The movie " Veronica " , a masterpiece of Romanian cinema in 1973 with actors like Dem Radulescu , Lulu Mihaescu and Margaret Paslaru is today a charming film for children. In a magical ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark K (br) wrote: Strange and noticeably low budget, but it's also thick with tension and and well written.

Adriano B (kr) wrote: The more mainstream Takashi Miike still rocks. A cutting portrait of a morbid murderer personality more interested in domination than killing (apparently) showing how a motivated single sociopath could kill in the hundreds. And it kills.

Demetre R (es) wrote: 10 for the Dragons Christmas. Great spin off from the movie. 22 minutes of cool fun. Loved it.

Dyron W (es) wrote: This will go on to be Seth Rogen's The Cable Guy. The dark humor is a turn off for some but this is the kind of crazy-ass stuff that's right up my alley. Like Carrey in the Cable Guy, Rogen plays against type in the most horrific and humorous way possible.

Kristen P (es) wrote: Great film. Helen Mirren is badass.

Mary O (it) wrote: I LOVED this movie....which ended, to my surprise, with a field full of sunflowers, my favorite flower!!!! The movie is heartfelt and well-acted by all involved. Sonni.

Dot L (nl) wrote: Interesting look at the world of Lavoe and Salsa music.

Selwyn L (br) wrote: So so chick flick set in lovely Italian setting - time for a return visit to Sienna!

t w (nl) wrote: It's a fantastic gangster satire that is funny and very well written.

Peter W (kr) wrote: This is an enjoyable action movie with a good performance from Tom Cruise. It does unfortunately contain a very complicated plot that gets somewhat confusing.

Al P (it) wrote: Wanna know why he lost that VP position?

Vanessa E (gb) wrote: maybe......dunnobut i'll three

Stephen M (gb) wrote: Unavailable in the UK for animal cruelty reasons.

CJ C (it) wrote: How I miss Terry-Thomas... Early Peter in a dual role. Exceptional cast. Luv PS always.

Corey W (it) wrote: They sold me pretty quick, and I'll be coming back for more.

D M (kr) wrote: A too-much-at-once horror. A stalker is killing girls an an exclusive American-style high school in Switzerland. Jenifer Connelly (my what large eyebrows you have) is freinds with bugs and uses them to stop the killer. Rather pointless....BUT Iron Maiden and Motrhead songs are featured! The songs chosen were rather strange to me as they are not either of the band's 'hits' - stuff I considered to be more or less 'filler.' Still, though, songs from my two favorite bands during the period 1992-1996 being featured is something!