Veronica se întoarce

Veronica se întoarce


Fleeing into the woods to save duckling stolen by Madame Fox (Vasilica Tastaman), Veronica (Lulu Mihăescu) gives Cricket (Florian Pittiş), the queen ants (Margaret Pâslaru) and Danila dangerous cat (Dem Radulescu) who intones that all Popa Themistocles other choruses. Tudor Caranfil - 2002 (Dictionary of Romanian films) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (ca) wrote: Meh..Seems like a less exciting version of unfriended.

Lars P (jp) wrote: Overall a solid movie. Not a big Ray Winstone fan, but here he does well.

Ann S (it) wrote: un petit film dlicieux

Sheungly W (kr) wrote: totally different to the Disney one,haha/ generally is okay wonder how they would do the second one...

Adam W (de) wrote: Better than a bottle of night nurse to get you snoring away.Solaris is so boring, a film where literally nothing happens..

Jessi t (au) wrote: A bad premise for a bad movie with a bad title.

Bruno V (jp) wrote: Batman may not be my favorite comic-returnted in a -movie story ....but this was pretty cool ! SOMVIDEO

Khalil M (ca) wrote: The Boy is a beautiful film. The film had strong characters, great acting, nice suspense, and amazing cinematography and lighting. The atmosphere and the house was really creepy and the setting was great.