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Cory M (it) wrote: What a big pile of cow poo. Took about an hour to get slightly spooky then when it comes to the climax the 2 main characters follow there supposedly possessed colleagues (although you never see or are told they're possessed) into winding caves where they find baby skulls. They go deeper and deeper into a tighter cave which they can hardly move in but still chase those men who can run around magically into a stomach which digests them... The buildings/grounds stomach then it abruptly ends. Terrible acting, terrible writing and the worst ending I have ever seen. Wouldn't even give it one star. Loads of pointless shit including random teens setting a sheep on fire outside their cottage for absolutely no reason and random cameras placed in the cottage which wasn't needed. Absolutely nothing going for it. Trash.

John P (mx) wrote: Old school 1980's NINJA movie!

Emmanuelle D (us) wrote: Un peu trop l'accent sur le distribution consommateur a mon gout. J'aurais aime qu'on explore un peu plus cette epoque...Ne serait-ce qu'au niveau musical....M'enfin, ce n'est pas mauvais la....Je dois avouer que le jeu du petit Trogi est tres bon. Il en est de meme pour les autres enfants du film...Quoiqu'a la fin, j'ai decroche....

SarahBeth H (it) wrote: I have two dogs of my own and we are going to something a lot like this

Russ B (us) wrote: 3/12/2016: Plenty of funny moments, but they made Stifler too big of an asshole.

Andrey B (it) wrote: Typical gangster movie combined with black comedy, highlighted by the superb Ben Kingsley performance.

Jason K (es) wrote: Ford and Pfeiffer could be stranded on a boat and it would be a watchable movie. Though this boat would consist of a sex crazed ghost and Dexters Dad.

Kevin R (it) wrote: I want you to hate me. At least you'll remember me.Yuddy is an aspiring young man with a bright future and the love of his life at his side. He takes care of his mother, a drunk but stabilizing force in his life. When he discovers his mother is not his actual mother, his train comes off the tracks. He cheats and leaves his girl, he starts having issues at works, and just becomes a slob. When he starts putting his life together, he hopes to get his original girl back...but it may be too late!"When did I say I'd come home with you?""You never said you wouldn't."Kar Wai Wong, director of In the Mood for Love, 2046, The Grandmaster, Happy Together, Fallen Angels, and Ashes of Time, delivers Days of Being Wild. The storyline for this picture is a perfect display of the evolution of the character. The subplots with the mother and girlfriend were also so well written. The dialogue was perfect and the cast delivers excellent performances. The cast includes Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Andy Lau, Carina Lau, and Tony Leung Chiu Wai. "Your mother drank and threw-up all over herself."Days of Being Wild is a movie I had to see. All of Kar Wai Wong's films deliver wonderful characters and unique situations. His movies are so compelling and well paced and delivered. His pieces always come together so well. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. This is worth adding to your DVD collection."He treats all women the same."Grade: A

Andr D (ru) wrote: Esta deliciosa comedia romntica se ubica en una oficina de referencias en las que unas mujeres (incluyendo a Katharine Hepburn) que trabajan en una oficina de referencias telefnicas (s seor, referencias telefnicas) se encuentran en peligro de ser reemplazadas por un gigantesco computador IBM (cortesa de Spencer Tracy). Cmo pasa el tiempo!

Dan M (br) wrote: In a football world where the Seahawks have the number 1 overall pick in the draft and trading away 3 consecutive first round draft picks is no big deal, there's this movie. Not really exciting stuff, I mean it's about Draft Day(obviously) :yawn: Could be worse I suppose. I did get one heck of a chuckle out of the 'Cleveland Browns are going to the Super Bowl!' bit, hahahaha

Simon G (br) wrote: Continuing the recent run of fair to good but not great Nicolas Cage vehicles (Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous) 'Knowing' combines elements of 'The Number 23', 'Next' and last year's 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' remake whilst creating a decent enough premise of it's own. Cage does what Cage does leading us through a mystery/thriller storyline - with some excellent disaster scenes, not to mention an awesome finale - with an aftermath that will surely divide audiences.

Garrett C (gb) wrote: It's fun for the most part and can be witty/insightful, but the film is too problematical in various departments. The writing is about as hit or miss as you can get.

David S (mx) wrote: The Paranormal Activity band seemed to have been losing a lot of steam with the last couple films, so this latest installment they changed it up a bit. I really liked the lead of Jesse, kid has some talent. It isn't a great horror movie, as the same scares are laced through this thing and expected in any Paranormal flick. The way they tied it all together with the other films I really liked, and is pretty much the saving grace of it.

Giorgio P (it) wrote: I dont appreciate the sentimentality and over bearing cheesy lines from Billy Connely. However, there is a clever set up in the film and not just a constant line of unfunny situations that some might have expected.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: The set pieces and score are fantastic, but the pace is rather sluggish and it seems like this movie doesn't really know what direction it wants to go in...