Vesna na Zarechnoy ulitse

Vesna na Zarechnoy ulitse

A newly appointed Russian literature teacher develops a strong connection with one of her flagging students.

A newly appointed Russian literature teacher develops a strong connection with one of her flagging students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (de) wrote: This film works as a good political/economics allegory. Its very talky but interesting and what violence there is, is brutal and very stylish. After watching it again, I felt the need to state how really well performed it is too. Everything is subtle and nuanced.

Eddie H (kr) wrote: I was asked to watch this on July 4th and just watching it now. It's a great movie with a twist! I loved it

Noah N (ca) wrote: Terrible. Just absolutely terrible. Like as terrible as it can get. Terrible terrible terrible. Nothing more to say

Hassan S (ru) wrote: the movie was gud but it could affect many noble relationz

Lee M (gb) wrote: The Wedding Party may well have been a better film if the underdone premise of the fake wedding had been done away with altogether, because the movie is more interesting when it picks at the foibles and fears that gather around these couples.

Alejandra S (ag) wrote: el amor alos quince aos..... ay mi pubertad

Charles C (ag) wrote: A movie that is stunning to see... I think it is one of those best 'slice of life' comedies that a person should see at least once in their life time.

Connor D (br) wrote: I honestly couldn't tell what "Leprechaun" was trying to be. It seemed at points it was really trying to be an eerie horror movie. But for the most part this film felt like a flat out comedy, because I was sincerely laughing throughout this picture. This film is essentially about a 600 year old leprechaun that wants his pot of gold (since he says it, along with what he is, nearly 100 times throughout the film), and he begins to torture everyone that he suspects has or is trying to take his pot of gold. Laughter ensues.With all that being said, along with my two star rating, I must say that I really did have a good time watching "Leprechaun." It felt like the later "Child's Play" movies because of its horror feel but yet there was undeniable funny scenes, which I believe, better yet know, were on purpose. All in all, "Leprechaun" is a very idiotic movie, yet I can't deny that I had an immense time watching this laughable horror fest, and I'm sure that this won't be the only time I see the Leprechaun on screen. 4.4/10

Bill B (ru) wrote: Well, they say you can't go home again, and holy shit, they are right. Nostalgia being a complete motherfucker, I decided to revisit this film after being kinda put off by Burton's Batman recently, and this one falls even further in my estimation after not watching it in well over a decade or more.This film suffered from being more of a Tim Burton film than a Batman one in my eyes, and I don't know when I will come back to it for another look at this stage of things.Rental.

Mattie F (kr) wrote: Terrible- how they managed to get three sequels out of this flaming bag of poo is beyond me.

Gordon B (es) wrote: This piece of 70's exploitation, low grade Easy Rider wanna be won me over with its pulpy look and classic exploitation lines like "we're gonna kill you now, you dig"

David D (ru) wrote: A movie I saw when it came out as a junior in High School. Today I love these movies and black and white make people think and become part of the film and story. McQuees is McQueen and that is enough said as he is a force. Remick is great and as beautiful as ever. Storyline is somewhat standard fare; but done exceptionally well.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Good black comedy...

Jack P (mx) wrote: An enjoyable film with some horrible actors.

Alex K (es) wrote: Jeffrey Westhoff Gave This Film 1.5 Star.