Vestido Pra Casar

Vestido Pra Casar

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Jordon J (nl) wrote: Each performance in this plaintive work is superb, but Kyoko Koizumi's gently melancholy portrait of the businessman's wife keeps Tokyo Sonata true and affecting.RENT IT!!!

mu s (it) wrote: ok i want to watch this one

Alex P (ru) wrote: this movie sucked completelyonly erika christensen is the only reason i watched it

Eamonn D (es) wrote: Hard to believe this was directed by an American.....

Zahran Z (nl) wrote: oh! this is such a nice movie. Really enjoyed it. Make's you hungry watching and the music is so good.

Regi H (it) wrote: The action scenes are thrilling and Angelina Jolie was perfect in the role, I actually can't see anyone doing as good as a job as she did. The plot is boring and I really couldn't care less about what they are doing, I honestly can't recall what was going on. Which meant the action scenes had no emotional attachment and didn't care. They were thrillingly cool to look at thats it.

Jim R (es) wrote: This is pretty much the exact same plot as Top Gun, just with "F-14 Tomcat" crossed out and "race car" written over it. Adolescent in the awesome sens of the term.

Dacotah C (ag) wrote: Full of consistantly campy funny irony, I enjoy this movie all along, right to the conclusive ending.

Raena W (kr) wrote: Oh my gosh! My mom got me onto to this movie. Its old but gold.

Matthew S (br) wrote: I tried so hard. I felt it important to put forward the effort from both a personal and a creative assignment. This film is beloved in France. This is all the more interesting because the idea of traditional musical has always been a hard sell to French culture. This is based on an old French fairy tale. And, really, there is nothing conventional about Jacques Demy's 1971 movie. It is kind of comical that this is children's story about a kingdom dependent upon a donkey's ability to defecate crown jewels and a beautiful princess who may be forced to marry The King, her own father. Yes. Incest. All of this is delivered in sincerity. No hint of irony. It might sound "compelling" but it isn't. It is painfully steeped in late 1960's style. Legrand's score is lack luster. It is far too long. I'm sorry. I just don't get it. And I resent the fact that I "own" a copy of this blu-ray in the Criterion Box Set. I had no choice. For me, "Donkey Skin" is cinematic torture. Wait. Think about that. Catherine Deneuve is stuck in the literal costume of an actual skin and head of a dead donkey. And incest. Is this really appropriate? I guess over 60 million people can't be wrong. And check out the ratings here on RT. I don't know. Maybe it's me.

Mandy W (ru) wrote: Good car chase movie for it's time!

Rian C (ag) wrote: I can still sing all the songs.

Jacob K (ag) wrote: Overall a good story with moments of pure luck and I can't believe it moments that culminates into an average movie.