With this film, together with Yugandhar (1979), NTR tried to change his image and to assimilate conventions of Hindi cinema. He plays a police officer who hunts down a gang of smugglers in a forest. The combination of NTR and the future Hindi star Sridevi caused a sensation.

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Vetagadu torrent reviews

Ernesto M (nl) wrote: I'm getting this tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT

Da N (jp) wrote: Putting the digital satellite dishes and occasional modern dialogue ("laters") aside, a good effort at recreating Manchester 1990. To really like this film you'll need to be nostalgic for the music and vibe of this period. Count me in there. Sometimes part Inbetweeners meets Trainspotting it lacks the humour of the former and edge of the latter, but still isn't a bad film.

Kyle F (gb) wrote: superb movie about god.

Juha E (it) wrote: The worst film I've seen for a long time. Poor plot, poor acting, very irritating characters (especially Fred Weller as Ford Welles got my blood pressure high!), annoying score... Everythings sucks.

Erin W (fr) wrote: This movies really inspiring. I love the song Hilary sings at the end

Joey N (gb) wrote: More Current Reviews.

Grant S (mx) wrote: OKish drama. Had a very interesting set up and the plot was intriguing for the most part. However, it falters towards the end and the conclusion is rushed, implausible, trite and contrived. Could have been so much better.Decent, though not great, performances from Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Pullman and Jacqueline Kim.

Brittany C (jp) wrote: A movie everyone should see, at least once in their lifetime.

Allan C (fr) wrote: The only reason I originally watched this film back in the day is that I had a huge crush on Carey Lowell after she appeared in "The Living Daylights" (she had the Human League short haircuts that I'm an absolute sucker for). After that film, I had to use my video store clerk privileges to go back an watch all of her prior films, which was only four movies, one of which was a comedy about Griffin Dunne talking to his penis. This was her film debut and she doesn't have the short Human League haircut, but she's still super cute. Now besides that, the film involves a group of high school students at an elite prep school. One investigative reporter on the school newspaper begins to follow-up on a mysterious Skull & Bones-like group called The Sentinels , which is make up of the rich and powerful students of the school, who are apparently killing off the "undesirable" element in their school. The film sin't anything brilliant, but it's pretty entertaining. It's directed by prolific B-picture director Albert Pyun, who was a pretty reliable director for making entertaining schlock, whether it's sci-fi, kickboxing or straight up thrillers like this (i.e. "Nemesis," "Dollman" or even the embarrassingly cheesy 1990 version of "Captain America"). I've always wondered what Pyun could do on a big budget picture, but I'm not sure I'll ever see that. The film also stars John Stockwell, who was also one of the writers on the film and who would later become a pretty solid director with films like "Blue Crush" or "Into the Blue." Overall, this films isn't anything brilliant, but it has a nice 80s vibe to it and has a surprisingly good 80s soundtrack.

Weul S (us) wrote: Opening on a homeless girl frozen to death in a vineyard, this poetic road film jumps back in time to follow her & to also interview, documentary-style, those she came across in her final days. A dreary french film that is beautifully shot.

Ana W (jp) wrote: Love this movie!!!!!!!

Diana R (fr) wrote: Wish I had one of those Odorama cards to watch with the movie.

Mya G (ag) wrote: The plot is fatuous (even more so than usual), the musical numbers unmemorable, but such sins are easily forgiven thanks to Fred Astaire's iconic "dancing on the ceiling" routine. Apart from that there's really not much going on here, but really... do you need anything else?

Alex W (ag) wrote: A very 90's 50's gangster squad movie. pretty crazy cast and semi interesting story but all the pieces dont come together well.

Danielle C (us) wrote: Kids enjoyed it, nice story with sum funny bits in !!