The film revolves around two brothers, the elder being sensitive to violence and the younger being a jobless rogue, settled in Thoothukudi. After the death of their father, a police officer, the elder brother takes on the same job by request of the younger. The older brother rises to fame in his job by having his younger brother secretly punish suspects and save victims for him. This angers two of the village's biggest mob bosses, who begin to seek revenge on the elder brother. After getting severely beaten by them, the elder brother loses his fear and becomes physically stronger through training from his younger brother. How the brothers get back at two gangs and protect their families form the rest of the story. The film was released worldwide on 13 January 2012 to mixed reviews

Thiru join hands with his brother Guru to face the mobsters of a city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (nl) wrote: Part slasher movie, part home invasion thriller, part revenge drama, part movie monster meta in-joke(?). It has no idea what it is or wants to be, but it's different; I'll give it that.

Robin A (ru) wrote: Hate the new Daisy Adair, almost all the other actors from before either seem to have had their day or feel stuck in old ideas like the rest of the movie. Why can't they answer all the questions left from the series?It should have been fun to revisit everyone but I must say Laura Harris did the right thing - passing. Unfortunatly, not even she couldn't have saved this movie.And, why doesn't the movie look any more luxurious than the tv-series did?Dissapointing.Why not half a star? It wasn't super boring to watch...

Russ B (ag) wrote: 1/6/2014: I don't know much about Bobby Jones, so i thought this was a pretty good movie. I kind of want to take up golf.

Lauri M (gb) wrote: the clips i found from youtube are already brilliant.

Greg T (nl) wrote: As good as the original movie, but stands on it's own as an heart warming & fun movie all it's own.

Andy C (it) wrote: The movie is ok; forgettable story.

Cristi B (it) wrote: and then when you think all the surprises are over...

Drago C (mx) wrote: A great little B-movie gem featuring a tiny space travelling cop, a tiny floating head and Jackie Earl Haley as a south bronx gang leader. Most of the acting is terrible but the effects, humour and 'old new york' antics make it deliciously enjoyable.

Hannah S (it) wrote: Fantastic Film! One of the best films i have seen by far!

WakeWRC89 (de) wrote: Very enjoyable film. Great cast, Great acting and a very nice storyline.

Paul M (us) wrote: Top Gun is truly one of the greatest movies. It may be cheesy and not logically or physically correct at all times, but it is definitely amazing. It is one of the coolest movies to ever be made, it's entertaining, always exciting. There is not one part of the movie that is boring. There are many people that have not seen Top Gun and that is a disgrace to the United States. It is a movie that has to be everybody's favorite movie. It has suspense, excitement, and nerve racking. The air combat in this movie is like nothing else, it's so much drama and just so amazing and cool. Lieutenant Pete is short for "Maverick" he was a naval navigator. In the beginning one of the events that had happened was when Maverick and his wingman. They had flew upside down about 18 inches above a Russian-built. Maverick and his wingman had snaps pictures with a Polaroid pictures of the enemy pilot. When the best graduate from each class at the school is known as "Top Gun." And the reason for that is because of proud and like an awareness because you know so much knowledge and can fly. Throughout the movie, Maverick is being reminded by his late father's history. Maverick's father was a fighter pilot, Maverick's father was known for not following the rules. Because maverick's father was so rebellious it's the fault for his own death. Because of that it had always reminded him and worried him in the back of his mind. Later in the movie there was this woman who was of his female instructors. Maverick had been flirting he had met her by singing to her in a bar. Charlie, tries to help him by comforting him and cheering him up Charlie also tried help make understanding of her policy of not dating students. But both him and her knew the obvious she love affair with him. At the same time, Maverick and Goose continue to push forward to revive the Top Gun and get an inch closer to the trophy. Then more towards the end of the movie Maverick and Goose's plane goes through another aircrafts jet way which would've help it clean. However that isn't what happen it had which induces a flat spin sending them out to sea. Which had been scary for them both, they thought that it was the end for them both. When they had crashed into the sea they had gotten help and tried to save Goose but he had died and Maverick holds himself responsible. Maverick continues to blame himself for Goose's death and his anxiety keeps him from flying. It's a painful experience and hold him feeling guilty. This is the most amazing and coolest movie of all time, it has everything to make someone happy. This movie is unbelievable and just so amazing. It is the single most greatest movie, EVER.