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Vettaikaran torrent reviews

Scott S (ag) wrote: It was a ok movie. I will always like watching Disney movies. But in this one their were a couple of cheezy parts. Overall a good time pasting movie.

Martin O (nl) wrote: Pretty enjoyable comedy drama. Packed full of story throughout. Good performances. Watch with the Mrs.

Jay T (kr) wrote: Beautiful, insightful, touching and satisfying.

Pranav K (fr) wrote: This film is the, I believe, true story of award-winning child artist Jerry (aka Baby Kusum), who was a boy forced to play girls' characters by his mother. The movie has been presented in such an abstract fashion, that it had me as confused as the protagonist for the majority of the time. However, looking at it from a bigger perspective, it is a very shocking and eye-opening exposition of how dark, tragic, and mortifying the life of Jerry and numerous other child artists victim to this practice must have become in regards to their sexual identity and orientation as they grew into adolescence. A well-made and intended film, but a bit too abstract, ghastly, and vulgar for me.

Private U (ca) wrote: it's playing july 7-14 in sf at the red vic in the haight. i'm excited to go see it! = )

Bernie L (jp) wrote: I'm kinda saddended to see the "slide" continue for Margaret Cho's shows. I watched her live for the first time with "Notorious C.H.O." and laughed my bum off. "I'm the One that I Want" was very funny too, but "Revolution" and "Assassin" just wasn't that good. I hope she can turn it around for the next tour, as she is one of the very talented comedians out there that gives a rat's ass about minority rights and injustice.

Amanda R (kr) wrote: It was one of the best foreign movies I've seen in awhile!!!

kim p (ru) wrote: maggie makes this movie worth all of your while!

Wanda C (ag) wrote: A typical cute romantic comedy. I think Sammi and Andy have great chemistry in this movie.

Ralph R (us) wrote: A euphemism for taking a crap?

Private U (ca) wrote: Quite possibly the best musical documentary film ever made.

Johnny M (jp) wrote: ...never saw this until tonite and I really enjoyed it. Matthew Broderick has really had an overlooked career and Christoper Walken again displays brilliance. Gives me an idea of what things were like for my father in Alabama before he shipped to Korea. Comcast: On Demand: Free Movies. Smiley Face

Rebecca D (it) wrote: This is a ground-breaking film, one of the first of it's kind I believe! For that alone it deserves a lot of credit. What makes the film for me is the chemistry between the 2 leads!

Joseph S (au) wrote: Unfairly neglected as the director's swan song. Shows that Hitchcock was making great movies up until the day he died.

Alex G (es) wrote: A flawed and uneven film with some tremendous scenes and characters that build to powerful revelations.

Roy S (jp) wrote: I first saw this film in a drive-in as a child in 1974, and it really takes me back. It is very, very 70s with Bronson being very, very Bronsoney. Solid Elmore Leonard story, and some nice support from a couple of character actors playing the villains.

JY S (mx) wrote: David Twohy's mixture of horror and science fiction works wonders in Pitch Black.A 100 minute story on a barren wasteland of a planet actually turns out quite well for this picture. While not exactly an adrenaline rush, the consistent level of intrigue is enough as this film goes from day to night in a blink of an eye.The CG is a mixed bag, but ultimately acceptable when all is said and done. The level of violence and blood is somewhat conservative, but enough for an R rating.The cast of characters is what makes this story go. Riddick is a solid character backed by an excellent casting choice in Vin Diesel. Radha Mitchell and Cole Hauser share the screen well with Mr. Diesel.Pitch Black does succeed with what it sets out to do, and while it isn't perfect, it is a recommendable watch. "You're not afraid of the dark are you?"

Michelle R (ca) wrote: Cute flick, pretty simple but absolutely adorable.

Alex K (ru) wrote: A captivating and intriguing film that presents it's ideas upfront and discusses them thoroughly for an hour and a half. A truly well written film where every point is covered in a metaphysical discussion on what it means to live, and both actor do excellent in their roles. I've seen many dialogue based films that would work better as plays, but while watching this it felt like it deserved to be a film, even though at parts I was listening more than I was watching.